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THE WAGS TAKES: AN off day for the team.

Aug. 23, 2006

Still in Moscow….honestly it doesn’t seem like we have been here for over a week (I guess that’s a good thing.) We didn’t train today and we got to sleep in until 9:30 but of course that just meant we all went to bed later. Bock and I watched a scary movie (I don’t know why I did. I hate them) It was called “Kiss the Girls”…I recommend it if you like intense thrillers.

So anyways in the morning we ate then right after breakfast we left for an orphanage. We all gave our little fox stuffed animals that the tournament gave us. Tim had brought a bag full of stuffed animals and some girls brought some clothes and cleats. So we were anticipating little kids-but we found out when we got on the bus that it was mostly 8-15 year old boys. So all the stuff we brought, they probably wouldn’t want. The drive was about a half hour and we ended up in a not nice neighborhood at all. The orphanage was really run down on the outside. It was all fenced it, but on the inside it looked fun. They had a cool obstacle course, a soccer field, gardens with lots of trees…it didn’t seem too bad (I mean for an orphanage). So we get off the bus and I HAD to go to the bathroom but right as I was going with our translator to find the bathroom the kids came out to play with us. These boys were all in groups of about six in different EPL club jerseys. They came to play! They all had matching shoes, shorts, tops and even hats! So six girls went out on the field and played but kept getting scored on (we were told to let them win) and we shortly realized why they kept scoring, they had a keeper and we didn’t! So I heard my calling and stepped in (I couldn’t really play on the field cause I was wearing flip flops) so I went into goal. I was AWFUL!!!! I ducked probably five times and amidst my ducking I saved the ball! It was fun to play with these kids.

After playing, Tim talked to them and told them who were and what we brought and we were sorry that we didn’t really have stuff for them but we thought it would be little kids…so we all go and get stuffed animals and the few shirts we had and passed them out….These boys LOVED the stuffed animals which was really cool. We were really glad that it turned out well.

So when we got back we went straight to dinner. Then after dinner we left for the Nutcracker ballet! All of us got all dazzled up! It was fun for a change to be pretty. It wasn’t the best show I have seen. I don’t know much about dance but I do know when a split leap should be full splits. They were far from it and there were times they were so out of synch! The best part of the show was the music and then when the final curtain closed…………………IT CLOSED ON THE DANCERS!!!!

We came back and started to make our SHOES video. I can’t talk about it. It’s pretty top secret. All I have to say is I was dying laughing!! After that we did some trading with Brazil, New Zealand and Australia. I got a Brazil hat and a New Zealand shirt. All the teams really want our jerseys, but I don’t think I will give one up until later. It was funny because when we were trading with Brazil they were yelling and laughing in Portuguese and we were yelling and laughing in English. They aren’t allowed to trade because they can’t keep anything of theirs even their cleats so we had to be top secret.

Talk to you tomorrow


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