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THE WAGS TALES: Diary entries from Wednesday and Thursday.

Sept. 1, 2006


Well I am still in Moscow…we did do a fun game. It was called you know you have been in Moscow for too long when: then you had to fill in the blank with a true statement that has happened.

I said you are disappointed when shark week is over on the Animal Planet (it’s the only English channel). When you make imaginary burritos on the bus and you start to salivate (after practice the other day). When you call Moscow home when you have gone to St. Petersburg for 4 days. Some others were when you have broken up and gotten back together with your boyfriend four times. I said when you check email every hour even though you know it’s the middle of the night and you won’t have any new emails.

So today was another relaxed day. We trained this morning same time. I did forget to mention something, the muffins here are super. They taste like cupcakes with no frosting. After training (it was rainy today) jo, krz and I walked to the place jess, joe and I found that had school supplies, except we had a little encounter. As we were walking down the street, there are these little alleyways, so were about to cross one in front of a Chinese restaurant, and there was a guy who was in a sumo outfit handing out flyers in front. Nothing unusual right-except as we walked by he reached out and grabbed our arms and wouldn’t let go, we got free and he started to come after us. We were right before an alley way like I said so we jumped into that and there was traffic coming out, but we didn’t care this guy was chasing us yelling obscenities!! We were screaming. So we got our school supplies at this place by the metro station. On the way back to avoid him we walked in the road (it’s a really busy road and it was at a stand still), so we were safe. But it was scary.

After that I came and emailed a little. Then went upstairs and did some homework. After that Jo and I went to a coffee shop that is right across our little alley. We walk in and once again no one comes to help us. So we stood, finally a man came up and he pointed to the menu and we nodded. So we picked a seat. I asked if they had an English menu and he just pointed to the menu and shook his head. Each item on the menu (it was a cafe too, so it had food of all kinds and chocolate) was in Russian and then one token word in English. So I got a latte, and Jo got a hot chocolate. Well mine came out and it looked wonderful, jo’s came out and it was literally an espresso glass with hot, melted, fudgey chocolate!!! We died laughing. She got so embarrassed! So then she asked for a glass of milk-they brought out a little creamer size pitcher, so she put a scoop of melted chocolate in the milk and tried that, still like a choco ball….so she just ordered a latte. But it was so funny because it was literally hot chocolate and get this, she was about to order the large!! Ha-ha

After that we came back and I played Cranium! Arod and I were the yellow team. We were awesome, except for the red card which are like the word trivia questions…but we lost pretty bad to Cheney and krz. We had tons of fun though! We played that for a long time too. Dinner was nothing special, although they are still bringing ice cream for dessert at every dinner. The strawberry and vanilla is really really good. The snack trunk also got filled today!! Tim, Kelley and noog went shopping, they got all chocolate things…cookies, candy bars, chocolate covered pretzels, gingerbread covered in chocolate….so I wont be in the snack room much! After dinner I got a calf and hammy massage….amazing! Then talked on the phone and then some of the girls were cutting the movie ladies’ hair, she is doing the video taping of us. If you have seen it on, go and check out the juggle off!!! Anyways Arod and hardy were cutting her hair, and I wanted side swipper bangs, and Cheney’s sister is a hairstylist, so she told them how to do it and they did!! It looks good!!

Then some Animal Planet, read my Bible then off to bed.

China is next!!



Yesterday-we began the day the same way as always, breakfast at 9:00. Then I came down, did some emailing because I was behind. Then I went and spent a good 3 hours reading, taking notes, doing homework. Right before lunch we had a meeting to go over tactics, our subs and just our team. Then we ate lunch. I have become immune to the taste of chicken, ha-ha. After lunch I went and crashed in my room for the two hours before the game. About 15minutes before we were supposed to be on the bus I decided I was going to wash my hair, it felt gross. The water here is different. Everyone’s face and hair gets oily faster. Strange. So then I was hustling around, almost forgot my credentials (cant play without those). The bus ride took a while because of traffic, but we watched to Korea/Brazil game. It was so ugly; both teams were just booting the ball, Korea won in the last minutes.

The stadium we played at was AMAZING!! It was brand new in 2002, great atmosphere. So things didn’t go as well as we hoped, and thought. We dominated China like I have never dominated a team before and lost in pk’s. I played the first half and my job was just to hold down the fort as defensive mid. I did really well! Second half our plan was to take me off and put in poach who is more attacking minded, so we did. We had so many chances in the first half. I had a corner in the first 5 that should have gone in – big melee in front of the goal the ball almost goes in and the ref calls a foul. The thing that makes me the most mad and upset is they didn’t even play the game…the stretcher came onto the field seven times alone in the second half, they were totally playing for a tie. The keeper would get the ball and punt it out of bounds, goal kicks from the first one took about 45 seconds. It was really wet and rainy, which was fun because I haven’t played in rain for a long time. But you would not believe the game; they would win the ball and just kick it long to Val or for a goal kick, it seems unreal that this would happen. Then to dominate them so badly and then lose in pk’s really just sucks. I didn’t sleep very well last night, and I don’t think anyone really did. It was probably the worst feeling I have had since the final four. I don’t think I am done crying about it. We were literally passing around them like they were cones!!

They had quite a few fans, probably 200 and we had our parent section who cheered. There were some Koreans cheering against us again. I would have loved to play them and absolutely cream them. But not this tournament. After the game I just stood in the rain in the middle of the field crying for a long time. We all did. The bus ride home was horrible, and dinner was decent…but no vanilla ice cream. This is what was supposed to happen, but none of us are sure why yet, nor do we like it. So I am going to go get treatment, maybe a back massage, do some homework, then we are going to Arbot Street which is a little market. What better way to sooth the pain then with some retail therapy?

Have a good day…I will try to.

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