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THE WAGS TALES: Game Day Entry

Aug. 18, 2006



Well we pulled out a win-it wasn’t the prettiest, but we beat DR Congo 2-1. I went into the game with maybe seven minutes left. Enough said.

So moving on-this morning we (those of us not playing) walked to some park about 8 minutes away and played three vs. three. Me, (Brittany) Bock and Jess (Rostedt) were on a team vs. Carrie (Dew), Noogie (Casey Nogueria) and Tim. We were up like 9-0, well no not that much but maybe 9-5 and then we lost like 19-18. It was fun, then we just did juggling and vollies. Bock, Tim and I were planning on running the Red Square afterwards, but didn’t cause we played for too long.

Lunch was the same old same old. Then we didn’t have much time afterwards before we left for our game, so we just hung out in our room. On the way to the park we walked past all sorts of people. There was a family living in a van, there were about five men living in a minibus that had beer all outside and we almost got hit by cars (they don’t stop for anything!).

Now I am off to take a shower, read my Bible and watch Coach Carter or Office Space. Hope preseason is still going well.

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