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THE WAGS TALES: Installment Four From Russia

Aug. 17, 2006


Hey Hey

Today started with training at 9:30. We did our training on the patio at the hotel since we didn’t have a ride to the fields. Our hotel has a patio on the 2nd floor that is pretty big. There are umbrellas, tables and widows into the lobby which are huge. So we were pretty much surrounded by glass, but they are dome shaped, so they weren’t just windows.

Today we started with some juggling, then passing, then ball skills and dribbling and we were doing stuff with cones and cones on smooth pavement are very slippery, enough said. I took a spill. My knee got cut up and my hand, it was funny. A lot of the other team’s widows face this center courtyard and they were just sitting in their widows watching us for like 30 minutes.

When we finished we ran to Red Square. Noogie (Casey Nogueira) and I took off down the street-we were going pretty fast. People here must not run because everyone was looking at us like we were crazy. The road we ran on (we were on the sidewalk duh) is one of the main streets in downtown Moscow, so the sidewalks were packed. We were dodging people, jumping puddles, jogging in place at stop lights, sprinting across streets, it was super fun. So we got to Red Square which was about 1.5 miles away and there is a Nike shop in GUM (the mall) so Noogie and I went in and looked around. It was pretty much Nike Town except very European. There was a men’s hoodie that I really wanted but it was 2,700 ruble, aka $110 so needless to say I did not make a purchase, although I was very tempted. So we met back out in the main square with Rammel, Jess (Rostedt), (Erin) Hardy, (Brittany) Bock and (Carrie) Dew- we were just sitting watching people.

Steve told us some of the history of the square. We were right by the Kremlin which in places has 10ft or 20ft thick walls, the grave of Lenin, the eternal flame and then St Basil’s cathedral, and of course GUM. So we were supposed to jog back together and we did for about the first 30 seconds, then the pace was too slow for me and noog, so we took off again. We had to go underground to cross the major street. There was a bakery, gift shop, conveniece store and lots and lots of cigarettes.

We had salmon for lunch. Nice for a change. I took a little nap after lunch which felt great because I didn’t sleep too well last night. The first time this whole trip that happened. So then we left for training again, this time it was everyone and we had 45 minutes to practice on the game field in the stadium. The bus ride is about 10minutes since the stadium is just on the other side of Red Square. We got to the stadium and were met by a FIFA rep who clearly said once one person touches the field our time began. So we all got our stuff on and (Amanda) Poach and I decided it would be funny to get really close to the grass and see how many people yelled at us….it didn’t take long and tons of people were like WAGS, POACH get away! Don’t touch the grass. It was funny. So then when everyone was ready we stood on the side of the field and jumped on the field at the same time. We did crossing and finishing, 1v1’s and then small sided. It was short! We came back; it was dinner time. Today was steak…which was actually good. They brought us all chocolate ice cream, there were three kinds, dark, milk with chocolate chunks and the other I don’t have a clue what it was. Tonight at 7:00 Brazil is playing Russia on TV so we are going to watch. Then maybe have Bible Study. Then bed for me!

Well I will let you all know how the game goes. Wish us luck.

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