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THE WAGS TALES: Installments Two And Three From Russia

Aug. 16, 2006


OK, OK this will be fast because the line is LONG here in the computer pod. We got to sleep in today!!! Breakfast was at nine then we had a meeting with the refs at 9:30. They are getting really strict about tackling and heading….it was rather boring. Thankfully it was fast.

Then we had free time until lunch which was at 1:30. So I went into the work out room and did some lifting stations with some girls on the team, we were in there for about 30 minutes. Nice and light but it felt good. Then lunch-surprise chicken and beef with noodles. They have this white melon fruit here that is AMAZING!

I took a little nap before training. At training we played 10-v-10-worked on a ton of set plays and then worked on our transition from defense to offense and vice-a-versa. After that we could be done or work on whatever we wanted to work on, so I did some 1-v-1s and then took some free kicks and did finishing. We were on a grass field today. Training was short and pretty easy. Oh and I got my cleat situation worked out, they are still white (not my favorite) but they are much better.

After training we came back to the hotel, a few of us jogged and then went to dinner. Now we are going to watch “The Notebook” and fall asleep!

Tomorrow training is going to be fun, only if I win though. We will play soccer tennis and horseshoes, and if I’m on the losing team…..not good! They are randomly selecting our partners.

Ok well I need to go, the line is long and me and Bock (Brittany Bock of Notre Dame) are the only English speaking people around…


Hey Everyone

Is this the third day or the fourth? I’m not really sure. Anyways-today was fun. We woke up this morning again at nine for the same breakfast we have had everyday…cereal, fruit, yogurt, bacon (lots and lots) and waffles. So again I had cereal and fruit. We left for training at 9:30.

At training we got into teams of 3, mine was Krizz (Virginia’s Nikki Krzysik) and D (UCLA’s Denesha Adams) – the teams were randomly selected. We were team cobra (aka team winner). We did a juggling contest where we got one chance to juggle with our feet, our thighs and then our heads, then soccer tennis (we dominated, winning all three) and then horseshoes we won one and lost one, but we were the winner of the Cheney Open by one point!!! (It was called that because teammate Lauren Cheney was out). So we took a champion picture holding the score card! That was lots of fun. We were at a different complex then we have been at. This one was in a more industrial part of the city.

We were supposed to go for a boat ride today down a river, but it’s really rainy, so we went to an art museum. There was a ton of portraits of Czars and their possies I guess you could call them. It was hard to tell what you were looking at because it was in Russian. They were from the 1600-1800’s. So we looked around for about an hour and a half and then a few of us just went and sat outside. We did some serious people watching, very funny because in pictures none of the people smile they just pose with one hand on their hip and no smile.

While we were waiting I went and bought a water from a vender who was selling ice cream and drinks….so anyhow the drink was 35 rubles, but I only had 100 and 30. So she kept rubbing her fingers together like you do to say money- and was harshly speaking to me in Russian. For about three minutes me and Noogie (UNC freshman Casey Nogueira) tried to figure out what in the world she wanted. A lady who spoke English walked by and helped us out. She wanted five more rubles because she didn’t have enough change for 100. She did the same thing to Noogie when she bought ice cream. It was funny because she just kept speaking in Russian and obviously we had NO clue what she was saying. We waited outside for about 45minutes for the rest of the team and then walked back to the bus. We have big greyhound type buses, but everywhere we go we have a police escort that stops traffic for us and then another police man who comes everywhere with us. Some of us had to go to the bathroom the other day before training, so he came and stood right outside the locker room. And then there were some piles of who knows what at the field we trained at and they were covered in tarps. Jerry, the security guy went and peeked under the tarp and then scanned the area…checking the bench area and everything. Kinda strange-but I guess necessary.

Dinner is in about an hour-my guess is we will have steak and chicken AGAIN, but at least it’s edible. Oh but the Ice cream here is so good. They have a different method of pasteurizing diary-so I’m told, so it’s different. Well once again there is a line waiting for me at the computer.

I hope preseason is still going well and everyone is having fun!

See ya,

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