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THE WAGS TALES: Monday’s Diary

Aug. 28, 2006


I made it…the train ride was awesome. The rest of the day was pretty mellow. Jordan, Joe, Hardy, Tobin and I decided to go to the coffee shop across the street. It is the same one we went to before…so we walk in the door and last time someone came up to us to seat us because its a mini cafe too. Nobody came to seat us, so we stood and stood. Finally I walked up to a lady and said `Hi do you have English menus?’, so looked at me like I was cussing at her. So another lady came up and asked “smoking?” we said no, so we went into the back room. We sat and read the menu for maybe 20 minutes-no one came up to help us. Finally Jordan practically grabbed the waitress and said we are ready to order and she sassed her and motioned hold on. Then the same English speaking lady took our order. I got a vanilla and almond- I got ripped off though, mine was 90 percent foam, which normally I would like, except I paid 5 bucks for like 4 sips…but whatever we had fun chatting which is why we went…well and its really good.

I then came back unpacked some of my stuff-hand washed some shirts and then went to the fitness room for a jog since I didn’t play yesterday. Did some abs and push ups…felt good to get moving. Then I came and looked at blackboard and found some homework that I can work on so I’m not TOO far behind, that took a long time because I had to print all the syllabus’ and then the calendars and notes…so I have some homework to do. After that we ate dinner, which was lame-the beef -well I don’t think it was cow- the chicken was battered, so I just had some veggies and pasta and meat sauce and fruit. Pretty blah though…well the veggies were really good….but veggies I mean come on.

So now I am going to go up and Logs got pillow cases for all of us to decorate and sign for each other-super cute, and then I am getting another phone call….from my mom, which I’m very excited about again…haha. All I have to say is be glad you are American. Not many people smile here and they are pretty snotty-well not the people at the hotel, but on the street. I feel bad because they seem so depressed. We tried to see how many people we could get to smile while walking down the street….we got one….and the streets are packed with people.

Well I’m going up, got homework (blah), pillow case to decorate and my phone call!!

Yahoo for FSU!!

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