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Sept. 2, 2006


Well I can safely say that I have been much happier at many times in my life. This was probably the most “unfair” loss I have ever experienced, which makes it that much more bitter. After the game that night I just sat in my bed staring, it didn’t seem real that we really just lost. I finally fell asleep, but slept horribly. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I just had a horrible dream or my dog died again.

Breakfast was the same old same old. Not many girls got up for that. Understandably so, I wasn’t going to but what’s the point in tossing and turning. Nobody really talked much at breakfast. It felt like someone died. You may think I’m crazy, but we KNEW we were going to win, we always manage to win…but we didn’t. I know it’s just a game, but eight months of incredibly hard work stolen from you…sucks.

So I emailed a little, then I went and fell asleep until lunch time. Oh I had been reading my Bible a lot too. But after lunch, just being around everyone cheered me up. Even though we all were super upset, some started to cry at lunch even when no one said anything, it was just good to be around the team. We had a meeting about Brazil, because you do have to move on and there will be more games to play. After lunch we went to Arbot Street for some shopping which makes any girl happier. I didn’t get anything, but just being outside around my best friends was all I needed to smile again.

Six of us went to a coffee shop, Krz got a huge banana split, I got a latte which was horrible and expensive, and the rest got mocha’s. We had a fun time trying to get back to the bus. We were late and we couldn’t get across traffic, they don’t slow down for anything!! After that we hung out for a little, arts and craft time, talked about the game and just talked about life. Dinner was ok. We had a little signing party afterwards. I got a jersey, poster and my pillow case signed. Then after that I decided I was going to go for a jog on the treadmill to blow off some steam. So I did. There was a strange guy in there when I went in who was just staring at me, Jordan and Allie. I got off the treadmill and he was gone. Well I got dumb bells to do some curl and he walked back in and stood maybe five feet from me and just stared. So I went behind a column and looked in the mirror, he was still staring. I thought ok enough I’m out of here. So I left but I looked behind me as I was leaving and he was following me!! I looked again as I passed the checking desk and he was looking at it, so I took off running. I thought no don’t get on the elevator because he could corner you, so I ran into the computer pod where I knew people would be. Sure enough a few seconds after I got inside the pod he came running out of the workout room looking around and went to the elevators….YIKES!!! So I told the security guy, Jerry and the rest of the night Jerry was on a manhunt for this freak. I haven’t seen him since thankfully and I am glad to be leaving. But after that I talked to my mom and showered. Then we did a confessional for the camera. Last thoughts to our teammates….it was really, really sad. Now I’m not so sad about losing, but the fact that I won’t see my best friends that I have spend the last 8 months with for a long time.

I didn’t go to sleep until 2:00 because we all were just reminiscing!

I will keep you updated…but I am feeling much happier now, we just had bible study.

Miss you and I CANT WAIT for Americans and AMERICA!!

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