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THE WAGS TALES: The Final Diary Entry

Sept. 6, 2006


Today was an interesting day to say that least. Moscow is having their birthday, 859 to be exact, so there are parades, concerts and the main road is closed off. It would be like closing Broadway in NYC. So this morning when we were leaving for our last practice we were the only car allowed on street. Training was fun but sad because it was the last practice together. We just played small sided-we played for such a long time too because no one wanted to stop. After that we came back and Poach wanted to buy hair dye, so Noogie, Poach and I decided to venture out into the streets and get some hair dye. Well at 12:00 the streets were already packed and quite a few people were drunk ALREADY! There was a man on a corner selling baby kittens….so cute even though I don’t like cats. We went to a beauty shop, they don’t sell dye, they said try the convenience store, so we did, no luck but we did get some food. We got these little wafer things (so good), Toblerone bar, twix, gum, mentos and two éclairs. Then on the way back to the hotel through the crowded streets (noogie brought a small soccer ball) we were passing it through peoples legs, dribbling, meging them…it was so fun.

When I got back I just did some pastel colorings. An hour before lunch we decided to have Bible study. It was perfect, it was about gladness. One of the questions was like `explain a game when you totally dominated and still lost-the disappointment and anger you felt afterwards’…..hmmm strange. So it was perfect because we all got to talk about the game and realize it is just a game and that God has a much bigger plan.

Lunch isn’t worth talking about-blah. After lunch I came and emailed, worked on packing a little and did some homework. Then we got ready to hit the town. We went out to eat for PIZZA. I don’t even like pizza but it was so good to get out and eat some other food. We were there for probably three and a half to four hours just eating and talking. It was fun because it was our last “dinner” together because at every camp we got treated to one out of the hotel dinner and we always milked it for all it was worth-and we did this time too. But this was the best one yet.

On the way back we had to walk through the celebration, which was crazy. You would think you are at a big party with music balloons, fun but none of the people were smiling. I think they are just born depressed here. But the music was in English and it was HORRIBLE, but they all were loving it. The streets were lined with swoopy, white Christmas lights, they had balloons, hats, and noise makers….it was really cool. Then when we got back I went and talked to my mom on the phone, then just hung out for ages. None of us want to go to bed because that means we are that much closer to leaving. Miss you all and can’t wait to see you.

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