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THE WAGS TALES: The win and the aftermath

Aug. 22, 2006

Well what a wonderful day today was. For starters I slept like a ROCK but that was because I was given meds. I have been having some tummy troubles (lots of girls are-we think it was the guacamole or at least I do)-so that knocked me out.  When I woke up I had no idea where I was. I thought I was at home


So we had the morning to do what we wanted some me, Cheney, Joe and Tobin decided to walk to Red Square.  As we started walking I wasn’t really feeling the walk-I started to get tired-but we had shopping to do. So I managed to toughen up and shop (it was hard). I got a Nike backpack-super cool and not that much. It’s light buttery yellow, perfect for school. I want to get an FSU embroidered on it. We looked at the shops again-nothing too cool. I still need to find the perfect stacking doll for me. So we walked back which took a while because I was taking my SWEET time. They have these things so you don’t have to cross the busy streets, they are tunnels under the intersections and roads which you think would be cool except the smell down there is HORRID!


I took about an hour nap before lunch. Lunch was bad. They gave us tortillas but no meat or anything to put in the tortilla. Well there was meat sauce for the pasta-but that’s a weird combo, but I went ahead and ate it anyways.


Pre game:

We left at 1:40pm and our game wasn’t until 4:00! What in the world were we leaving so early for?  I would like to know that myself.  So we get to the stadium and we just sit in the locker room forever, which isn’t too bad because we have really nice chairs to sit in (they are like movie theater chairs) but it kind of drains you….just sitting and waiting forever. Tobin, Noog, dew, poach and me played one of our favorite games-THUNDER THIGHS. We juggle the ball then bounce it and you have to catch it between your legs then pass it.  We go around the circle seeing how many times we can do it…then we just did some cool tricks (I really wasn’t a member of the cool tricks, I tried).


The game:

We set a goal to score three goals per half.  Well first half we played a 4-3-3 and we only scored two goals and I played defensive mid. Second half we started a little shaky, but did better. So we didn’t reach our goal but we won. I played pretty well….my card was silly. I didn’t think the ref told me to wait for the whistle while she moved the wall back…so I played the ball-and got a card.


Now we are going to have some more serious fun-like we do every night!


Talk to you tomorrow

Oh and we made it to the quarterfinals.



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