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THE WAGS TALES: Tuesday’s Diary Entry

Aug. 29, 2006


Today was pretty uneventful. We trained this morning same time. We trained for quite a while, well we left late because we had a meeting right before. Then we got back, had lunch. I had some beef that was decent. Oh and fruit which was stellar as always. After lunch I came did some emailing, got some homework done then napped until bible study which was at 5:00. It was excellent today we talked about firmness and standing up for your morals and beliefs. So that was about an hour and a half. Then we went to dinner which was salmon and veggies. Just like every meal. After that I came back to the computers and checked email again. Afterwards Joe, Jess and I walked down the street to find a store where we could buy folders for our school work. Yes I need folders already but we struck out. The streets here are jammed packed during the evening and night. Every night is like a Friday or Saturday night here.

Right when I got back to my room, I had the door open because I was walking out to come and email everyone and a security guy stepped into my room and said excuse me Miss and I pushed him and said get out of my room (super creepy) and he goes oh sorry, (yeah you better be sorry psycho). He told me to tell everyone to be quiet. A lot of girls were playing Pictonary and I said I’m not making any noise, you go tell them and he goes no you…so I walked toward everyone so the creeper would leave. So from now on I got my guard up. Now I’m going back upstairs to read, do homework, watch TV and go to bed early. Oh and my dad is calling!!!!!

I wish I had something more adventurous to talk about…but I don’t…sorry.

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