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Aug. 24, 2006


It was rainy today….so we pretty much did nothing.  Ok well not nothing but nothing super adventurous.  This morning we had breakfast as usual-waffles and that may sound good, but they are hard…so I had cereal AGAIN. Whatever I like it.  I noticed it was pouring rain outside on the way back up to my room.  So I was a little excited because that meant I got to wear my new rain jacket…well I got on the bus and just sitting there I was like “I don’t really feel like getting wet” and I was homesick if we are being honest.


So we got to training which was actually fun once I started playing…as always.  I didn’t feel like playing then as soon as I touched the ball I started having fun…typical.  So we played small sided (mad about that-my team lost) then we did some work on how we are going to play tomorrow.  I am playing defensive mid. We play France. So after that we did clearing and it was fun cause Dew and I kept making them really hard to get to (we were skipping the ball across the grass) then we did shooting….


Lunch was some good chicken.  Then I went on the internet and did some computing…emails… then watched the Australia vs. Russia game.  All the games are on TV here so we can see all the other teams.  We did abs at half time then we went to dinner and now we are going to watch another game and watch a movie and keep making our video….SHOES.


Oh I almost forgot the highlight of the day…we went to a coffee shop!! We walked in and it was like a regular restaurant not Starbucks which we thought it was because this coffee shop is everywhere like Starbucks.  So we go in and just stand in the doorway looking around because we didn’t know if we sit down to order or go up to the cash register/bar area…so we sat down.  They brought us an English menu and they had some DELICIOUS sounding combos of coffee….Joe got banana and gingerbread, Jordan got Mocha and I got Caramel…all I have to say is mmmmmm!!! 


I did some more trading. I got a New Zealand long sleeve and an Australian Warm-up set!!!  I am all out of things to trade-but its cool a lot of girls want college stuff….if I would have only known!


Game day tomorrow vs. France- we play at 7pm here



Since our game was at 7:00 p.m. today was pretty casual. We woke up and had breakfast at 9:00. Some of the girls who weren’t going to play trained a little-I wrote some post cards, tried to nap, packed and read. Rather boring day. But we got the news that we needed to pack because we were leaving for St. Petersburg straight from the game…Tim had it so we are taking the train-super excited for that!! I think it’s a seven hour ride…but I have never really been on a train before.  So I will have to let you know how it goes.  We leave at midnight for the train station.


So the game:

We all were fired up because the announcers here have been ripping on us saying how we aren’t even good…we are hardly getting by…ok granted we didn’t have two of the best games-but whatever…so all of us wanted to prove to everyone in the tournament that we are the best team here. Brazil is walking around like they own the place-same with France, so we had to show them what’s up.


First half was ok. We didn’t find the forwards enough-midfield and forwards were off and the back line didn’t press high enough. So it was ok-we got a ton of chances, I had some really good corners and a really good free kick, but I got subbed at half (I was riding a yellow and if I got another I couldn’t play in the Quarters). So I came out. Second half was much better! We connected well, passed well and of course scored. I played OK. But we beat the French!!! WHOO!


Well I have to go get ready to leave for the train station!


Talk to you tomorrow


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