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The Wilson Report – Week of October 4th – Florida State University

The Wilson Report – Week of October 4th – Florida State University


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The Wilson Report - Week of October 4th

It was a tough week around the football program and many media experts are trying to determine what mentality the team will come out with on Saturday night.  The complication is that Georgia Tech's offense is based on taking advantage of a defense's mistakes.  Coaches can't let defenders, who may well be bent on taking out frustrations on a Yellow Jacket, completely loose because that's when Tech's offense works the best.  

Miami's win over Georgia Tech back on September 19 provides a pretty good road map to handling the tricky offense.  The problem is the Hurricanes had the crucial off week before the game and the extra preparation time that makes it a lot easier to implement a plan.  Just imagine being a linebacker and seeing just two days of the ball fakes, spot reads and creative blocking schemes as compared to seeing it for seven days.   Listening to the analysts, UM's goal was to push the offensive line back and disrupt a straight run along the line of scrimmage for the Tech quarterback, so maybe the trenches are where the focus needs to be this week.  

FSU coaches led by Coach Bowden himself have done a masterful job of keeping the swirling distractions from totally surrounding the players.  Assistants set a positive tone right off the bat on Monday and fans would probably be surprised to learn that most college players don't immerse themselves in the media and fan sites like, well, fans do.  And speaking of Florida State fans, you're not one in my book if you wear black as some have suggested on Saturday.   

A column in the football game program goes into some interesting facts about Georgia Tech.  Included in them is the frequent trivia question about the Yellow Jacket's 222-0 win over Suwannee in the most lopsided game in college football history.  Get the game program on Saturday and find out why they did it!

We began a truly unique program at Florida State 19 years ago that is dedicated to honoring our top student-athletes.  At the time we began the Golden Torch banquet, we may have been the only school in the nation devoting resources to host an event focused solely on great STUDENT-athletes.  We held the 2009 version on Thursday and the winners can be found right here on Seminoles.com.  Florida State fans would be truly proud to see the lofty academic achievements of these exceptional athletes and the presence of a number of faculty members, our Provost, two vice presidents, president emeritus Sandy D'Alemberte, chair of Seminole Boosters Steve Brown and many others spoke volumes about the priorities of our university.

A new TV commercial created to extol the virtues of the State of California features soccer star David Beckham among others.  Beckham hails from a small borough near London called Chingford.  And who is the second biggest name in the athletic history of Chingford?   FSU swimming coach Neil Harper who was a two-time British Olympian.    Harper also dated one of the Spice Girls, however it was short-lived "Homely Spice."

The No. 6 ranked men's golf team won the Gary Koch Invitational last week at the Old Memorial Course in Tampa and our women's team was leading in their tournament until the back nine.  Former FSU golf star Matt Savage topped off a great week by winning a professional tournament in just his first few months.

Looking at the rankings this week...women's cross country is No. 3, soccer is No. 5, volleyball is No. 19, and men's cross country is 28th.

Mark your calendar for next Friday night when the men's basketball program will have a practice in Tully Gym that is open to the public and will include a slam dunk contest.

I'm just saying --  the combined record of the four 1A football opponents we've played so far is 14-3 and Jacksonville State is 3-2 with losses only to FSU and Georgia Tech.

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