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This Week’s Installment of the FSU Women’s Basketball Mailbag

Feb. 1, 2008

1) Mirta in Broward, FL wants to know: What place would you like to visit in the future?
Angel Gray: Egypt
Cayla Moore: Africa
Jacinta Monroe: Bahamas
Alysha Harvin: Cancun, Mexico
Mara Freshour: Europe
Christian Hunnicutt: Bahamas
Antionette Howard: Brazil
Tanae Davis-Cain: Africa
Courtney Ward: Africa
Shante Williams: Hawaii

2) Alexa in Orlando, FL wants to know: What was your most embarrassing moment in high school?
Angel Gray: I fell off the bleachers from cheering to hard at a boy’s basketball game. Cayla Moore: I was trying to be cute and stand on a table but I fell in front of everyone.
Jacinta Monroe: As I was walking home with my friends and brother, a dog started chasing us. It had been raining earlier that day so the streets were very slippery. As I turned the corner to run away from the dog, I slipped on a sewer top in front of them. Luckily the dog stopped chasing us after that.
Alysha Harvin: My freshman year I was at a football game for homecoming. I was taking pictures of my friends on the team and fell in front of everyone in the stands.
Mara Freshour:
I was in computer class and we were having game day since there was no work for us to do. I went to sit down in one of those rolling chairs but my friends pulled it out from under me. I fell in front of the entire class. The worst part was that I had a skirt on that day.
Christian Hunnicutt: When I went to go sit down in the cafeteria, I feel backwards. Antionette Howard: I fell asleep in class and jumped up when I heard the bell ring to let us out.
Tanae Davis-Cain: When I fell asleep in class, I also fell out of my desk.
Courtney Ward: I was going up for a lay-up by myself in a game and I fell. The bad part was I was by myself on a fast break.
Shante Williams: I fell asleep in class and woke up with drool on my desk.

3) Julia in Sarasota, FL wants to know: What is your favorite sport to play aside from basketball?
Angel Gray:
Cayla Moore: Football
Jacinta Monroe: Track
Alysha Harvin:
Mara Freshour: Tennis
Christian Hunnicutt: Volleyball
Antionette Howard: Flag football
Tanae Davis-Cain: Golf
Courtney Ward: Softball
Shante Williams: Softball

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