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FSU Athletics Ticket Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I gain from selling my tickets on the FSU Ticket Marketplace?

A. When your tickets are purchased on the FSU Ticket Marketplace, you will receive a credit of 85% of the ticket’s resale price.  The sale price is determined by the seller.  Florida State University will issue you a check in the amount of your total credit at the end of the season for which you sell tickets. 

Q. How do I post my tickets for sale?

A. You will be able to post any of your season tickets for sale from the My Inventory page of your Ticket Marketplace account. To post your tickets for sale, simply click on the “Sell” button located to the right of your desired event. You will then need to select the individual tickets you’d like to sell and the time in days and hours before the event you’d like your sale to end. Simply click “Finish” to post your tickets for sale.

Q. Can I cancel the posting of my ticket for sale?

A. You will only be allowed to cancel a post if another user of the FSU Ticket Marketplace has not purchased your ticket(s).  In order to cancel a post, click on My Market from the menu bar and then click “Edit” next to the ticket post you’d like to cancel.  To remove your tickets from the market, simply click on the “Withdraw Items” button on the following page.  You may also modify the price and/or date and time.

Q. What should I do once my tickets sell?

A. If your tickets are purchased on the FSU Ticket Marketplace you will receive an email confirmation verifying the sale. After a sale has taken place, your original ticket is voided and the bar code is rendered useless. New tickets will be issued to the ticket buyer. You will be instructed to destroy your original tickets in the confirmation email you receive after the sale is complete.

If an attempt is made to use your season tickets for admittance after they have been sold, all privileges to the Ticket Marketplace including, but not limited to, buying and selling of season tickets via the Ticket Marketplace may be revoked.

Q. Why can’t I change my address on the registration page for FSU Ticket Marketplace?

 A. The information on the registration page is what the Seminole Athletics Ticket Office has on file and is for confirmation purposes only. If you need to request a change to your information, please make your request in writing to the Seminole Athletics Ticket Office at PO Box 2195, Tallahassee FL, 32316, or via fax (850) 644-5688 or email (ticketoffice@seminoles.com). 

Q. What makes using FSU Ticket Marketplace and safe and secure?

A. Utilizing FSU Ticket Marketplace is the only way to purchase a ticket on the secondary market and be assured the Seminole Athletics Ticket Office fully supports the transaction and the ticket’s authenticity. All information requested online is password protected for your privacy and security. In certain areas, we use industry-standard SSL encryption to protect data transmissions. In addition, all credit card and personal contact information is encrypted for your safety.

Q. If I purchase tickets through FSU Ticket Marketplace, can I leave them in will call under another name?

A. When choosing the will call option, the name of the ticket buyer is automatically placed for a pick up name. If this name needs to be changed, please contact the Seminole Athletics Ticket Office directly at (888) FSU-Nole or (850) 644-1830 for further instructions. 

Q. I keep clicking Save on the registration page but nothing happens. What should I do?

A. After the information is saved, the screen will not change, however you are now ready to click on My Inventory or Market View to sell or buy tickets.

Q. What happens if my tickets don’t sell?

A. If the tickets don’t sell, you will receive an email message telling you so. Your original tickets are still valid and available for you to use at the event. 

Q. When can I place tickets for sale?

A. Florida State University will govern all events available on the FSU Ticket Marketplace. In most cases you will be allowed to post your tickets for sale to all home events for which you own season tickets. When you post your tickets for sale you can designate when you would like your sale to end.

Q. When do ticket sales end?

A. When you place your tickets for sale, you specify when you would like the ticket sale to end. The minimum time before an event for which you can end the sale of your tickets is 4 hours. 

Q. How do I buy tickets?

A. There are two ways to select the game for which you would like to buy tickets:

Under “Market View” click Buy next to the appropriate game.

Use the Search tool to search for specific tickets to buy. 

Next, you will review the tickets that are for sale. Go through Event, Billing and Credit Card Information. Then click Submit to confirm the purchase. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to review the ticket buying fees.

Q. How will I receive the ticket I’ve purchased?

A. You will have the option on how you want your tickets delivered. The preferred method is Print-at-Home which allows you to print your tickets at home. No tickets will be sent via regular mail. 

Q. Who is selling these tickets?

A. Season ticket holders who are Seminole Boosters place tickets for sale for games they cannot attend.

Q. How can I be sure that I bought tickets?

A. After purchasing tickets, you will receive an e-mail message confirming your ticket purchase. You can also review your ticket purchase activity under “Sales History”. 

Q. Will I be reminded of the tickets I have purchased?

A. You will receive an e-mail reminder before the game or event for which you have purchased tickets.

Q. Can I cancel a ticket purchase?

A. All cancellations and refunds are governed by the University and venue specific terms and conditions. Please be sure to review these terms and conditions before you purchase the tickets. The terms and conditions relevant to the Seminole Ticket Marketplace can be referenced from the ticket buying interface. In all cases a certain portion of the service fees are non-refundable. 

Q. Will the Ticket Marketplace allow sellers to ask more than face value for their tickets?

A. Yes. Florida Law now allows ticket resellers to ask “market price” for their tickets, even if that is above face value. In reality, the vast majority of tickets will sell at face value or below but ticket holders will be allowed to ask more than face if they choose.

Q. Why will you allow ticket holders to ask market price?

A. In reality, the market value for tickets to most games will be face value or below and we certainly want to allow people to charge less than face value if they choose. More importantly, we would like all ticket exchanges to occur on this site, where we can ensure buyers and sellers will have a good experience. If we do not allow those ticket holders to ask more than face they will use a third-party exchange where we cannot ensure a good experience. 

Q. Will there be charges for this service?

A. Yes. Fees will be charged to the buyer and seller for each transaction – similar to other third-party vendor fees – in order to recover the substantial cost of providing a service that should help us fill our stadium and provide an exhilarating atmosphere for our teams and for our fans.


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