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FSU Student Football Tickets
Please check back soon for information on student tickets for the upcoming season  
  • Beginning with the 2009 football season the entire student allotment at Doak Campbell Stadium will be located in the North Endzone in sections 40, 41, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
  • With the consolidation of the entire student allotment into the North Endzone, the entire student section will be General Admission, first-come first-served seating.  Get there early and get the best seats!
  • Online Student Ticket process remains the same as last year for game-by-game tickets (details below).
  • FSU Student Football Reserved Season Ticket can be purchased for $179.  Avoid the game-by-game process and guarantee your ticket for all 6 home games (details below).

Student Season Ticket Offer

This year, we are offering a discounted full-season ticket to FSU students to purchase if they wish to bypass the week-by-week single-game registration process. Valid FSU students that are registered for fall classes have the opportunity to purchase up to 2 of the discounted season tickets at a price of $179 per season ticket. Please note the following details about this offer:

  • Each student season ticket includes 1 ticket for every home game and costs $179.
  • Students may purchase up to 2 student season tickets.
  • Student season tickets will be available for pickup in mid-August. Students must present a valid FSU ID that will be matched and cross-checked with the University Registrar’s enrollment for fall 2009 semester.
  • Student season tickets will NOT be located in the student sections. Student tickets will likely be located on the East side of Doak Campbell Stadium, in the upper areas of public season ticket sections.
  • Student season tickets are NOT renewable from year-to-year.
  • If a student purchases a season student ticket, they will not be eligible to participate in the online student ticketing process (outlined below) to obtain tickets for home games on a game-by-game basis.

Single-game Student Ticket Process

The entire registration process and awarding of tickets will take place through the online student ticketing system.

Students will need to sign in and activate their online account by entering their 16-digit FSU Card number and a PIN that will be emailed directly to them. The email should be sent by mid-August to all eligible students with the Student Ticket login site going live the same day.

Please read through the step-by-step outline below and click here for additional information in the form of frequently asked questions: FSU Student Tickets FAQ

Step 1-Ticket Registration Period

  • Students will have a 3-day registration period to register for a ticket to each home game. During the registration period, being the first student to register or being the last student to register will not affect your chances of being awarded a ticket.
  • The registration period will be from 6pm Tuesday the week before the game until 6pm Friday the week before the game (see chart below for dates for each game).
  • Eligible students will have the opportunity to request 1 student ticket.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to request to purchase up to 2 guest tickets during the registration process (with exception of the Miami game). Credit card payment information must be entered during the registration process. You will only be charged if you are awarded tickets.
  • During the registration process students will have to choose from one of two delivery methods:
  • Print-At-Home tickets will be e-mailed to the student to be printed out at their convenience. There will be a $2 charge for the Print-At-Home delivery method.
  • Will Call tickets must be picked up in-person at the Student Ticket Office located at Dick Howser Baseball Stadium. Will Call pick up will take place Wednesday & Thursday from 8:30am-5:30pm the week of the game.


Registration Opens

Registration Closes

to your student account


Tue, Aug 25, 6pm

Fri, Aug 28, 6pm

Jacksonville St

Tue, Sept 01, 6pm

Fri, Sept 04, 6pm


Tue, Sept 15, 6pm

Fri, Sept 18, 6pm

GA Tech

Tue, Sept 29, 6pm

Fri, Oct 02, 6pm

NC State

Tue, Oct 20, 6pm

Fri, Oct 23, 6pm


Tue, Nov 10, 6pm

Fri, Nov 13, 6pm


Step 2-  Notification and lottery (if necessary)

  • Following the registration period, if the number of tickets requested is fewer than the number of available tickets, all registered students will be awarded a ticket.
  • Emails will be sent to all registered students notifying them that they will be receiving tickets for the game.


  • If the number of tickets requested is more than the number of available tickets, a weighted lottery will be conducted to determine which students will be awarded tickets.
  • Emails will be sent to all registered students notifying them that a lottery will have to be conducted for that game.
  • The Seminole Ticket Office will conduct a weighted lottery.
  • Each student will have entries in the lottery equal to the number of lottery points they have:
  • Senior/Grad    4 points
  • Junior        3 points
  • Sophomore    2 points
  • Freshmen        1 point
  • Seminole Student Booster members will receive 2 additional points.
  • Following the lottery, emails will be sent to all students registered for the game to notify them if they will be awarded a ticket or not.
  • The ticket office will refund the credit cards of any student not awarded a ticket that paid the $2 Print-At-Home delivery charge and/or paid for student guest tickets during registration for that game.

Step 3-    Ticket delivery

  • Those students who selected the Print-At-Home delivery method will have their tickets emailed to them by 5pm, Tuesday the week of the game.
  • Those students who selected the Will Call pickup delivery method will have to pick tickets up at the Student Ticket Office located at Dick Howser Baseball Stadium. Will Call pickup hours will be on Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30am-5:30pm. These students will need their own FSU ID to pick up tickets.

Step 4-    On Demand Order Period (if tickets remain)

  • If tickets remain following the registration period, those students not yet registered will have the opportunity to claim a student ticket on a first-come first-served basis beginning Tuesday at 6pm ONLINE ONLY. Students will be required to sign-in to their account and the only delivery method option will be Print-At-Home with the $2 charge.

Away Game Ticket Purchase
Students may purchase away game tickets at the Dick Howser Stadium ticket booth. The dates and times for away game sales are as follows:


Sale Dates


Mon, Aug 24 & Tue, Aug 25

@ Boston College

Mon, Aug 24 & Tue, Aug 25


Mon, Sept 14 & Tue, Sept 15


Mon, Sept 28 & Tue, Sept 29

@Wake Forest

Mon, Sept 28 & Tue, Sept 29


Mon, Nov 02 & Tue, Nov 03 (*lottery)

Tickets for these games are sold on a first-come first-served basis.

All away football game sales will be conducted at the Dick Howser Stadium ticket booth during regular office hours from 9:00am-4:30pm.

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