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FSU Student Football Ticket Distribution FAQs

1.      How do I get a student ticket?

Watch this video for mor information on getting your student tickets.

Eligible students can go to this website and follow the directions to sign in and register for a student ticket: FSU Student Tickets


2.      Who is eligible for a student ticket?

Only currently enrolled FSU students who pay the full athletics fee in their fees and tuition for the fall semester are eligible for student tickets.

3.      What if I am a student but I do not pay the full athletics fee?

Certain categories of students, such as students enrolled at the Panama City campus, Sarasota campus or though Distance Learning, do not pay the full athletics fee and therefore are not eligible for student tickets on a game-by-game basis through this process. However, students that fall into these categories have the option to purchase a discounted student season ticket if they would like to attend games. Please call the Seminole Ticket Office at 1-888-378-6653 to order.

4.      How will I receive my actual ticket to the game?

When registering for a game online, students will need to choose one of the following delivery methods:

Print-At-Home: Print-at-home tickets will be emailed directly to the email address you provide during your online registration.  The ticket will be attached as a PDF document and can be printed out at your convenience on regular, white 8 ½ x 11 paper. The ticket will contain your seat location, name and a barcode that will have to be scanned for entrance. You may print and/or copy the ticket an unlimited number of times; however, ONLY THE FIRST TICKET SCANNED AT THE STADIUM WILL BE ACCEPTED AND ALL OTHER COPIES WILL BE REJECTED.

*There will be a $2 charge to use the Print-At-Home feature.

Will Call pickup: If you do not wish to pay the $2 charge for the convenience of print-at-home, you may select to have your ticket printed and picked up in-person at Will Call.  These tickets will be printed on regular ticket stock and will contain your seat location, name and a barcode that will have to be scanned for entrance. Will Call pickup for student tickets will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday the week of the game at the Student Ticket Office located at Dick Howser Baseball Stadium from 9:00am-5:00pm. You will need to have your own valid FSU Student ID to pickup your ticket. Each student must pickup their own ticket.

5.      Can I transfer my ticket to another student?

No. Student tickets are non-transferrable.

6.      What will I need to enter Doak Campbell Stadium for a football game?

Eligible students will need to have their valid student ticket (either print-at-home or traditional ticket) AND their valid FSU Student ID that matches the name on the ticket. There will be a visual check at the gate to ensure the names match on the ticket and FSU ID. Students will not be admitted without BOTH their valid ticket and a matching FSU ID. No other form of photo ID will be accepted.

7.      Which gate do I enter?

Students with tickets in sections 41, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 will need to enter through gates L or M on the Northeast side of the stadium.  Students with tickets in sections 119, 121, 220, 221, or 222 will need to enter through gate G in the South endzone of the stadium.

8.      Will I still be able to sit in a group with my friends?

Yes. Any group of 2 or more students that wish to sit together may do so. However, it is up to each individual to register for a ticket on their own. Students can create and/or join a group at anytime before or during the registration period for each game. Once you have joined a group, it will show in a drop-down box on your application for each game so that you can select to sit with that group for that particular game. For games when a lottery is necessary, each student will be considered individually for the lottery and, if awarded a ticket, will then be seated with others in their group who were also awarded tickets. For more information on creating and/or joining a group, click on the following: Student Group Seating

9.      How do I purchase a guest ticket for a non-student?

Students will have the opportunity to request up to 2 guest tickets to purchase when registering for a game with the exception of the Florida or Miami home games when NO guest tickets are available. The cost of guest tickets is based on the full face value of an adult ticket to each game. Guest tickets are seated with student tickets and are subject to availability and the lottery if demand is more than supply.

10.  When will lottery points be used to distribute student tickets for home games?

A lottery will be used ONLY when student demand for tickets exceeds the supply of available tickets. If tickets to the general public remain for a game, the ticket office will attempt to add to the student allotment to accommodate more students and avoid having to use a lottery.

Historically, the number of students claiming tickets for a game has almost always been less than the number of available tickets (with the exception of the Florida and Miami home games).

11.  How will the lottery points work in distributing student tickets for games when demand exceeds supply?

For a high-demand game, each student will have entries in a lottery equal to the number of lottery points they have. Lottery points are awarded based on seniority and membership in the Seminole Student Boosters.

            Seniors/Grads                4 points

            Juniors                          3 points

            Sophomores                  2 points

            Freshmen                      1 point

Student Booster2 additional points

For example:

A) Senior (4pts) and member of Student Boosters (2pts) = 6 entries

B) Junior (3pts) = 3 entries

C) Sophomore (2pts) and member of Student Boosters (2pts) = 4 entries

D) Freshman (1pt) = 1 entry

12.  Are students with higher lottery point numbers guaranteed tickets?

No. No student is guaranteed a ticket to a game.  All eligible students who pay the full athletics fee and register on time have an opportunity to obtain a ticket to every game.

13.  Why was a new student ticket distribution system implemented?

The old coupon distribution system was far too inconvenient for students and was open to much abuse. The new online distribution system streamlines the entire process:

·         With Print-At-Home option, students can complete their entire transaction and receive their ticket without ever having to visit the Student Ticket Office or wait in line.

·         Ticket is linked to a specific student who must present FSU ID to enter stadium.  This tightens control to ensure that only valid students are using student tickets.

·         2-Day registration window allows students to register at their convenience rather than everyone trying to sign-in at once which brought down the system in the past. Being the first student to register does not increase your chances and being the last student to register does not decrease your chances.

·         Block-seating is still available with block leaders simply distributing sign-up information to their group rather than physically having to collect coupons.

14.  What happens if I violate the student distribution policy provisions?

Students who violate the provisions of the student distribution policy may be referred to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office and could lose their student ticket privileges.

Violations that may result in referrals include, but are not limited to:

·         The sale or attempted sale of student tickets

·         The duplication, replication or alteration of student tickets.

·         The presentation of a false, duplicated, replicated or altered FSU ID or the FSU ID of another student, at the student entry gate or anywhere else in Doak Campbell Stadium.

·         Gaining or attempting to gain unauthorized access to the online student ticket distribution system or the personal account of another student.

·         Violations of stadium rules.

15.  How may I submit comments or suggestions regarding student ticket distribution?

Students may send e-mails to ticketoffice@seminoles.com










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