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Todd Galloway: Leading By Example

Feb. 13, 2006

The sound of the net after Todd Galloway’s 3-point shot went in was simply “swish.”

Galloway, then a sophomore, had just tied the game at 78-78 with eight seconds remaining in regulation against then No. 7 North Carolina in Tallahassee. The Seminoles were trailing by as many as 24 points in the first half, 14 at halftime, but they found a way to pull back and with the help of Galloway’s seven points, four assists, and two steals, the Seminoles were victorious in overtime, 90-81.

A game like that would be something to remember as one of his best moments.

However, for this senior from Baltimore, Md., that game would be one of many memorable moments.

“The first road win with this team at Virginia will be my most memorable moment,” Galloway said. “We faced a lot of adversity, we had the lead early, but then they came back and the game went into overtime.

We just pushed it in overtime and my team came together and we were able to get the victory in Virginia.”

The Seminoles have won two of their last four road ACC games this year. Galloway points to the team’s confidence as the reason for the success.

“This team is the most unselfish team I have been on in my four years,” he said. “Guys believe in each other; they understand if I get your `best’ shot, you are going to knock it down, and if you get me my
best shot, I’m going to knock it down. It’s a belief in one another, a belief in the system and belief in coach (Leonard Hamilton).”

As one of the three seniors on a predominately underclassmen team, he understands that it is up to him to lead the way.

“They know I can go out there and perform on a consistent level and I expect them to play on a consistent level,” Galloway said. “They could look to me to say the right thing and do the right thing in tough times and I can expect the same from them.”

Sophomore guard Jason Rich referred to Galloway as the `Commander-in-Chief’ of the team; evidence that
Galloway has earned that respect among his teammates.

His performance on the court also shows his value to the team. His 325 career assists has in 16th place all-time at Florida State while his 35.8 three-point career percentage places him 15th all-time.

“It’s definitely an honor to be in the record book. Coach (Hamilton) gave me the belief to be out there so I can achieve things like that,” he said.

This year team looks to improve from last year’s 12-19 re c o rd and to make a run in the ACC and NCAA tournaments .

“I really believe we can make the NCAA Tournament, and once we get there the sky is the limit,” Galloway stated. “We have 10 or 11 guys who are capable of putting up 25 or 30 every night.”

Galloway sees a bright future for the program.

“Every year since I have been here expectations have been getting higher because of the level of talent has been raised,” he said. “We think we should be in the top echelon of the conference.”

By Derick Thornton
FSU Sports Information
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