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Too Much Chocolate, But Enough Energy For Basketball

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August 17, 2000

By senior Brooke Wyckoff

After a long day of traveling from France to Switzerland, sightseeing and
game of course, everyone in the Seminole entourage was a bit fatigued (and
that’s an understatement). But that didn’t stop us from waking up bright
and early to experience as much of Switzerland as we could on our final
in the country. We were given a long list of possible activities to try
fit in before the game at 8:15 p.m. Everything sounded awesome, touring
Nestle chocolate factory, exploring an ancient castle, water skiing or sun
bathing on Lake Geneva and shopping galore were all things we wanted to

Unfortunately we had to pick and choose and weren’t able to do it all.
Because I am hopelessly addicted to chocolate and one of my favorite
is Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, there was no way I was going to pass
the chance to visit the Nestle factory. The factory was a 40 minute drive
from our hotel in the middle of the beautiful little town, Boch. The
thing they handed us was a pair of 3D glasses (see picture) and a wacky
headset so we could hear the movie they were going to show us in English.
We were seated in a small theater where we learned about the history of
Nestle Callier, the process of making chocolate (it seems really
complicated) and the different types of chocolate candy made at the

It was like a real live Willy Wonka Factory, except the Oompa Loompas were
missing. Due to technical difficulties in the factory, we were unable to
take a live tour through the actual processing part of the building but we
were immediately escorted into a room where trays and trays of chocolate
were set out for our tasting pleasure. It was a scene straight out of any
chocolate lover’s dreams. There were so many different types of
to taste, I just started grabbing samples from every tray without

After about 10 minutes of stuffing my face, I started to feel a little
and, as I have done countless times in my life, realized that I had gone
overboard with my candy intake. That’s one lesson I never seem to learn.
After everyone had eaten as much chocolate as they wanted, we were herded
into a little store where you could buy all the chocolate you had just
tasted. Because I had just made myself sick I didn’t buy any chocolate
everyone else in our group went crazy!! The people at Nestle really know
how to make money on their little tour!

After touring the factory, a lot of the team and staff went water skiing.
Coach Sue was the star of the show, she’s an expert skier and made it look
effortless! Someone pointed out that she went out on the water five
different times and didn’t even get her little pony tail wet! Lauren
Bradley gave a standout performance on the water, although she claims to
have only water skied once before in her life 10 years ago. I guess she’s
just a natural on the water and on the court.

The town where we stayed, Vevey, was very quaint and a lot less touristy
than Paris and there were a lot of neat little shops and cafes in walking
distance of the hotel. Almost everyone managed to get a little shopping

A lot of family and friends back in the states will be getting some very
nice gifts from the Seminoles, but I won’t give any hints away as to what
was bought!

I managed to get in a nice two-hour nap (all this excitement is
exhausting). It’s a good thing some of us got some rest because we played
our toughest opponent. Pregame meal was delicious and dessert was even
better — fruit slices dipped in chocolate fondue! I had recovered from
overdose earlier in the day and was able to fully enjoy lots of chocolate
smothered banana slices. A couple of hours later we were on our way up a
mountain via a windy, narrow road through small towns and past more
beautiful scenery. Like I said, this was our toughest game so far
we ended up winning by 29 points. Similar to the previous games, everyone
contributed to our success. We had a lot of fun and continued to learn a
lot about each other on the court. Everyone played very hard and by the
time the game was over, we were all pretty exhausted. We had a special
treat on the ride to dinner. Val Linley’s sister, who lives in Germany
her husband, made a surprise visit and rode with us on the bus to and from
the game. She is a phenomenal singer so we made her sing about 10 songs
while we all got chills just listening to her. Thanks Christy!!

It was about 11 p.m., when we arrived at dinner. Cheese fondue was the
highlight of the night. We also ordered pizza and pasta and by the time
had satisfied our hunger from a long day of running and playing all over
Switzerland, it was well past midnight. As I crawled into bed and talked
with my roommate Lauren Bradley, I thought about how beautiful Switzerland
is. It was definitely my favorite place so far although Paris and Lyon
have beautiful architecture and scenery as well. Nothing can describe the
view of the Swiss Alps towering over the majestic, sparkling Lake Geneva.
It was hard to tell where the mountains ended and the lake began, the blue
was so amazing. That was definitely a site I couldn’t get enough of and
will never forget the rest of my life.

Now it’s off to Nice and the French Riviera where more fun and excitement
awaits! I must say that although Europe is a blast, I am forever a true
American girl. Nothing can beat the USA or Tallahassee and the Florida
State Seminoles!! See ya’ll soon!!

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