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About the Program
The Florida State Batgirls is a spirit organization that contributes to the nationally ranked baseball program.  The squad consists of approximately 20 members of various classes, backgrounds, and academic areas from Florida State.  These members have a general knowledge of the game of baseball, as well as outgoing charismatic personalities.  The Batgirls’ main purpose is to assist in game day operations.  This includes on-field operations such as the retrieval of bats and foul balls, as well as off-field activities including program sales, fan interaction, and the implementation of marketing promotions throughout each game.   The squad also assists in the Baseball and Athletics Department offices throughout the year.  Additionally, the Batgirls are involved in multiple community service outreach events and fundraisers each semester.


 Selection Process
New members of the squad are chosen during each Fall Se
mester through an application and interview process.  The interviews are conducted by the Batgirls Advisor and Executive Board, as well as staff members of the Florida State Athletics Department.  These interviews gauge the prospective member’s personality and general knowledge of baseball in order to determine the appropriate fit with the organization.  Prospective members must be full-time FSU students (enrolled in 12 hours) and hold at least a 2.5 FSU GPA (there is no GPA requirement for incoming freshmen applicants).

For more information please contact Brandon Lane at bslane@fsu.edu





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