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Abigail P.

Hometown: Manhattan, N.Y.

Year: Sophomore

Years on Team: Rookie

Reason for attending FSU:  I chose FSU as the school I wanted to attend because it was everything I could ask for in a college university. Besides being a nationally ranked university with great academics and programs for every major, it’s full of zest, spirit and love. Every quality about the school completely drew me in and made it my number choice school in Florida.

Why you chose to Dance at FSU:  The reason I chose to become a Florida state Golden Girl was because I knew that my college life wouldn’t be remotely adequate enough without it. It’s vital for me to be continuously pursuing the passion that I have for dance. When I first saw the GG’s perform I was so inspired by their quality and talent. Being a Golden Girl, to me, means being a part of something bigger with an amazing group of dancers. We all come from different place, have completely different lives, backgrounds, and dance training yet come together because we share one thing; a passion and love for dance … and in turn is how the Golden Girls create such an incredible, talented and spirited team that represents FSU that I am honored to be a part of!

Favorite memory with the Spirit Group: My two favorite memories with my squad are when I first Learned the Florida state chant we do in a group before games! And the first time I was able to perform with my team at UDA camp, it was such a rush and I loved how all our hard work paid off!

Favorite hobby: My favorite hobby outside of dancing is cooking and baking.

Favorite quote: “Success is not matter of spontaneous self combustion. One must light themselves on fire.” -Reggie Leach


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