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Tuesday’s Practice Report

Nov. 21, 2006

* Florida State practiced 21 periods in shells Tuesday in preparation for Saturday’s noon kickoff with Florida. The game will be televised on ABC.


* Although suffering from a severe cold, head coach Bobby Bowden was back at practice Tuesday and addressed the media at the conclusion of the workout.


* Both fullback Joe Surratt and safety Darius McClure practiced Tuesday and could be available for Saturday’s game.




Head Coach Bobby Bowden


(on quarterbacks)


“Drew (Weatherford) is working with ones and Xavier (Lee) is working with twos, but they get a lot of reps in between, mixing.”


“Jeff (Bowden) and Daryl (Dickey) are still calling plays.”


(on how back-ups at tailback looked):


“They looked okay but we didn’t do any scrimmaging or anything but they ran good. I would hope to play someone else (besides Booker at tailback). I felt like last week Booker got a little tired there at the end. It would have been nice if he could have had some rest.”


S Darius McClure


(on how he feels on getting back to practice)


“Physically, I did a lot of extra running yesterday after practice just to make sure I was still in shape. Today, I was a little bit rusty because I haven’t practiced in like three weeks so I’m just getting back to reading my checks and being where I need to be. I will be good to go hard Saturday for Florida. If I had only one arm, I’d still play in that game.”


(on his shoulder)


“I’ll be back this week to play against Florida so everything will be good to go, ready to rock and roll. I did everything today (in practice) and it felt pretty good so I’ll keep on rolling with the flow.”


(on giving his all)


“I feel like if I’m going to play, I’m going to do everything I need to do full-speed. I don’t know how to go half-speed. I wasn’t bred like that so everything I do is going to be full-speed. If it happens to pop back out of place (his shoulder), we’ll just have to pop in back into place so I can get back on the field and play.”


(on FSU-UF game)


“Every important game is the next game so we’re just going to go out there with intensity, play the best that we can and hopefully we’ll come out with a win.”


(on where he’s getting most work)


“It’s probably half and half. I’ll split time at free then when I’m not at free, I’ll go and mirror at rover. I’ve played rover ever since I’ve been here so I’m kind of used to that.”


WR Greg Carr


(on how it affects wide receivers when quarterbacks get switched out)


“It doesn’t really make a difference because by now, we’re comfortable with both of them. We just know what to expect out of both them. Nothing really changes for us (wide receivers), we still have to do the same thing.”


(about UF game)


“We feel like as long as we play hard and do what we’ve got to do, stay fundamentally sound and stay away from penalties and turnovers, we feel like we’ve got a good chance.”


RB Marcus Sims


(on opportunity to play Saturday)


“It’s real exciting. I’m ready for the opportunity if the chance comes up where I have to get in the game and perform. Hopefully, Lord-willing, I just perform to the best of my abilities and have a good time, have some fun and beat Florida.”


(on pass protection)


“I feel good right now. I just had a pretty good practice. I didn’t really have any mistakes pass-blocking and stuff like that. I feel like I know all of the blocking schemes, so I feel like I’m going in prepared.”




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