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Turf Will Be A Concern For Some Seminoles

Jan. 1, 2000

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – Florida State wide receiver Marvin Minnis took time
out of his day this morning to talk with the media before Saturday’s
practice. Minnis is a redshirt-junior who is making his third trip to the
Sugar Bowl.

Q – What is it like playing on the artificial turf here in the Superdome?

A – It hurts. The turf is hard and it feels like you are playing on the
street. It does make you faster because it is like running on the street but
it’s bad when you have to stop and go again. When you stop, it hurts your
feet. Your toes have to grip the turf hard to be able to stop and go

Q – What do you plan on wearing to protect yourself from scrapes and burns?

A – Everything. Whatever they got, I am wearing it.

A – Some stuff, it’s never going to be like the first time you come here. I
am getting a little bored because we have done it all already and nothing is
new to us. I walked Bourbon Street with Pete (Warrick) when we first got
here but other than that I haven’t gone out. I am here for one thing. This
is business. Everybody is focused, more focused than I think we ever have
been. We are hungry and tired of losing this (the national championship)

Q – How has practice been going?

A – Practice is going really well. We are just learning our assignments and
trying to get better. We are working hard on our techniques and getting the
timing down.

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