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Turpin’s Take On Greece

Aug. 11, 2013

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ATHENS, Greece — ( –
Today was great!

We had our first practice in Greece and it was pretty easy to adjust to the different kind of rules and ball they use here in Greece. I think the biggest difference in the ball is that it seems smaller than the regulation size NCAA ball that we are used to and it is and made from different materials.

After we finished with practice we went to Acropolis, which is the whole area where Parthenon is located. The tour that we went on was very educational. We learned so much about the buildings! We found out that the buildings and towers are not held together by anything, they use a “Lego” technique, for lack of a better word. Also that the Parthenon is not built on any straight lines, it was created on a little curve. After we spent almost all day there we went to dinner and got to experience more Greek food.

After we left dinner we got to see the first location of the Olympics. The site is very small, compared to what they play today, and looked like there weren’t many events contested.

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