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Twitter Vote: Reid Is MVP

Nov. 28, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — In what was the most popular voting process for any Florida State win this season, Seminoles fans have chosen Greg Reid as this week’s MVP.

After exorcising the Swamp demons and winning in Gainesville for the first time since 2003, FSU’s 21-7 victory on Florida Field was all about defense and Reid was the spark plug.

Reid registered two timely interceptions — one of which led to an early touchdown — and helped a ‘Noles defensive unit that allowed just 130 yards passing while forcing four turnovers. Reid also was critical in the return game where he registered 45 yards fielding punts and didn’t take any negative yardage or commit a turnover.

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FSU’s junior cornerback may have nabbed the most votes by FSU fans on Twitter, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t a large number of votes for other players.

Yes, Florida quarterback John Brantley did receive quite a bit of support seeing as he tossed three interceptions in the first half before being injured. But seniors Shawn Powell were second and third, respectively, in number of votes for a Florida State player.

Parks had arguably the best game of his four-year career on Saturday as he registered the game-sealing pick-six early in the fourth quarter and led FSU with six total tackles.

Powell, who ranks No. 1 in the nation in net punting, averaged 44.4 yards per punt against the Gators and had five of those kicks downed inside the 20-yard line.

The entire defensive line received quite a few votes as well.

Here are some of the top comments provided by Twitter users that cast their votes Sunday and early Monday:

@jmnpb:Terrance Parks had his senior day in the Swamp!”

@FINALLYDEBO850: “the MVP hands down was Shawn Powell close second was Greg Reid.. Or just give the whole dl mvp”

@75_st: “Definantly Greg Reid. 2 picks, a whole lot of tackles, and he looked liked he wanted to kill someone!”

@jaywise08: “I think Shawn Powell game was all about defense and he shorten the field every punt put one. Hands down #45 in my opinion”

@tgordon022:Greg Reid. He had two huge INTs and a huge on side kick recover.”

@AR15_NoviDad: “we all know it’s that bad man with #5 on his jersey. Gotta love his passion for his team & the game.”

@spottheballer:Greg Reid, he set up a TD w/an int and changed field position multiple times with ret yds and a second int. #Noles”

@T_lee3: “Shawn Powell for MVP. Most Valuable Punter!”

@booshigotyou:Greg Reid. 2 ints and 2 great returns. always finds a way to stand out in big games. reminiscent of the chick fila bowl”

@GCN7897: “The 300+ yds in field position difference from Powell’s punt gives him my vote”

@Dr_SimplyAmazin: “co mvp @GregReid5 and @tp4_trynamkeit but lets not forget Christian Jones all 3 had an outstanding game”

This was a common site on Saturday night: Greg Reid with the football in his hands.

@brown97d: “THE ENTIRE DEFENSE !!!! tank and everette played well up front to force the ints from brantley..&mike harris”

@bwombat24: “hands down defensive line if not whole dfense! Never gave Gators time 2 do anything! Constant disruption! #MVP”

@dbpga: “entire defense led by punter Shawn Powell. He dominated by consistently pinning Florida back all night”

@NoleGirl4Life: “MVP: THE ENTIRE #NOLES D-LINE! They made up for our offense and WON THE GAME!”

@brittjo: “I vote Greg Reid…2 Interceptions, great punt returns, and over all great defensive playing. They couldn’t have won w/o him”

@VincentM64: “Definitely the defense! Wouldn’t have had a chance without the D-line and how about Shawn Powell?? Best punter!”

@ryrobo: “Carradine played outstanding!”

@AMaida12: “Jernigan, Dawkins, Jenkins, Carradine and Werner! The entire D-Line!”

@AlexDelmas: “The MVP should be the defense as a whole, but if you had to give it to someone, probably @GregReid5”

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