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Two-A-Day Practices Continue For Football Team

Dec. 20, 2005

The Florida State Seminoles held their second straight two-a-day practice with an 18-period session in full pads Tuesday morning and a lighter 12-period session Tuesday afternoon in shells. (10-1). In 11-on-11 during the morning workout, Drew Weatherford connected on passes of seven yards to Lamar Lewis and 13 yards to Chris Davis. Lewis added a 17-yard run and Aaron Jones paced the defense with a fumble return for a touchdown. In goalline, the offense converted on four of eight attempts. Lewis had a pair of those scores to lead the offense while Lawrence Timmons had a tackle for loss and Kendrick Stewart had a fumble recovery for the defense. In the afternoon 11-on-11 scrimmaging, Greg Carr took over with touchdown catches of 49 and 46 yards from Xavier Lee.

Wednesday’s practice is scheduled to start at 9:30 a.m. and should conclude around noon. The Thursday practice is set for a 9:45 a.m. start and players will be dismissed with a lunch to-go at 11:00 a.m.


(on the morning practice)

“I thought we had a good practice. We got a little goalline in today. It was about the same as yesterday. I don’t have any new news.”

(on Brodrick Bunkley)

“He sure has played well. He stayed healthy, that is the biggest difference with him. It would have hurt if he would have gotten injured. It would have made us mighty thin there. Behind those first two tackle we have about all freshman. Anyone that can do that (hold up a double team), that means there is a one on one somewhere else.”

(on Penn State’s linebackers)

“This reminds you of the typical Penn State linebackers they have had for years. The thing about them is that they are all juniors. I think one of them might be a sophomore. They are physical, quick and smart. They are always in the right place.”


Cornerback J.R. Bryant

(on getting to play in his hometown)

“It is going to be great to go home and play in front of my friends and family. It doesn’t get any better than that. Everyone is looking forward to it. I have 19 people as of right now but I promise there will be way more than that.”

(on Penn State’s offense)

“The have a real good passing game. Their quarterback is very good, he is a mobile quarterback so you have to watch out for that as well. That will make it a little harder for us. They have some good wide receivers. We just have to come and play ball and be ready for a physical game.”

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