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United Sophomore’s Take On UNC

April 14, 2011


By Erica Lohlein, Seminoles.com Intern

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida State women’s tennis team’s future is led by three talented sophomores in Amy Sargeant (Walsall, England), Francesca Segarelli (Rome, Italy) and Noemie Scharle (Colmar Berg, Luxembourg). With the regular season quickly coming to a close, the dynamic threesome is excited to take on the No. 3 North Carolina Tar Heels and believe it is their sisterhood that is going to lead them to victory.    

The 2010 ACC Freshman of the Year and 2011 team captain Francesca Segarelli has lived with both her teammates and explains, “We call each other sisters because it’s a unity that we built when we went through hard times and have helped each other out.”

The three athletes all traveled far to come to Florida State, with Sargeant and Scharle coming across the Atlantic Ocean while Segarelli came from the Dominican Republic to be Seminoles. “They know what it means to be far away from home,” said Segarelli. “We all have different cultures and worked together on getting used to living in the United States.”

Sargeant, who already misses living with Segarelli agrees, “We have the European connection. It helps knowing you’re all going through similar problems and it’s not like you’re singled out.”

Scharle is convinced this feeling resonates throughout the entire team, “The freshman come to our house all the time and we hangout together, they sleep over, so its always a lot of fun.”

All of the girls know they have what it takes to beat UNC. Sargeant states she is, “excited for the rivalry match with UNC. We lost to them last year and I know we have the potential to win. I think it’s going to be a big fight and we are going to do our best.”

Sargeant believes in her teammates and comments, “Up and down the line we have a great team this year.”

Segarelli’s double’s team started the season strong beating Central Florida. She points out the spirit continued when they beat No. 21 ranked team Auburn and Noemie agrees.

“We have really good doubles teams compared to last year, so that’s going to make the main difference.”  Scharle continues, “I feel like we have a much better team than last year and that we have a much better chance beating them this year.”

Sargeant, who suffered an injury last season adds, “Nine months out is pretty tough, but coming back has given me that extra energy, that extra fire in my belly to succeed.”

Since her return Sargeant has won numerous singles and doubles matches and it has been her energy that has sparked a fire in the team’s recent success.

This trio represents the future of Florida State tennis and the girls are looking forward to making a continued impact at FSU, starting with the upcoming ACC and NCAA championships.

Coach Jennifer Hyde supports her sophomores stating, “All three of them are big pieces of our puzzle. They all bleed garnet and gold, I think that the three of them will probably go down as the best class we’ve ever had.”

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