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Uphold The Garnet & Gold

Nov. 18, 2010

As a way to contribute to the campus wide initiative of Upholding the Garnet & Gold, the Florida State Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) recently produced The Seminole Sportsmanship Video which highlights the importance of proper fan behavior. Additionally, during the annual SAAC Retreat, gold civility coins were handed out to each member reminding them to do their part in “paying it forward.”

During the next home athletics competition cast your attention up to the JumboTron and watch FSU student-athletes help promote this campus initiative. Upholding the Garnet & Gold means demonstrating respect for yourself and others, taking responsibility for yourself and those around you, and reflecting the values of Florida State University. The Student-Athlete Advisory Council has taken on the responsibility to reflect the values that stand true to this tradition, but have also sought to encourage the displaying of positive sportsmanship from all spectators.

Uphold the Garnet & Gold

The Florida State University is a diverse community with longstanding traditions of respect for the dignity, and worth of each person. While understanding that differing opinions and informed debate are necessary for a dynamic learning environment, it is still expected that each member of our community embrace the value of civility and ethical conduct, while sharing the responsibility to promote these values.

Gold coins are being handed out to members of the University Community as a means to spread the message to Uphold the Garnet & Gold. When someone in possession of a coin witnesses another member of the community Upholding the Garnet & Gold, they will pass on their gold coin to that perspective person. The new owner of the coin will then pass the coin on upon witnessing someone else Upholding the Garnet & Gold. The goal is not to hold on to the coin but rather pass it on, taking part in the idea of “paying it forward.”

Let us know if you give or receive a coin! Join their facebook,, become a fan, and make a post about how your coin has been passed down to you.

FSU Student-Athletes and the FSU Athletic Department will continue to promote this campus-wide initiative by implementing the program through our events and lives of our Florida State Student-Athletes. 

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