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Vaughn Mancha Bio

  Vaughn Mancha
Vaughn Mancha

Hall of Fame Class:
1982 (Coaches and Administration)

Vaughn Mancha was a consensus All-American center for the Alabama Crimson Tide in 1945. After two years with the Boston Yanks of the NFL, Mancha became head football coach and athletics director at Livingston State University in Alabama. In 1952, Mancha came to Florida State where he served for five years as an assistant football coach under Tom Nugent. After two years on leave in the Columbia University graduate school, Mancha returned to FSU as Director of Athletics, a post he held for 12 years. In his years as Athletics Director, Florida State moved ahead in all sports. Mancha’s administrative leadership provided the kind of scheduling and coaching that took FSU into bowl games and NCAA playoffs. The development of the balanced athletics program fielded by Florida State University today is due in no small part to the foresight and leadership of Vaughn Mancha.

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