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Video Feature: Just Being a Kid

By Jonathan Schillace, Seminoles.com

“It was really cool to be up there and help make the last pick,” said Ethan Fisher

“Very apprieciative to the ESPN people and everyone that had him on to do that,” Jimbo Fisher said. “It was a great gesture  by them.”

Jimbo Fisher’s son Ethan, got the chance of a lifetime. But not everything went to plan.  Ethan went on stage with some powder for a reason.

“I was going to do the LeBron thing, where he throws up the powder,” Ethan said. “But they didn’t give me time to do that because they were going too fast, so I didn’t really get time to do it.”

None-the-less, a proud moment for mom and dad; and great time for their son Ethan, who is battling a life threatening disease in fanconi anemia.


“It was an incredible moment,” Candi Fisher said. “It was just so cute to see him there. I was proud of him and it was kind of emotional actually. It touched me that he got to do something like that, that is so special and important and it meant so much to him.”

“It was a lot of things,” Jimbo said. “Very happy for him, very rewarding, but at the same time, why is he there? That part hits you too and makes you sad, but that’s how you’re going to win and that’s just me loving my boy. I was very, very happy.”

A great moment to share, one that almost didn’t happen…but maybe not for the reason you would suspect.

“I was a little shy and I had to miss my flag football practice and I really didn’t want to miss that,” said Ethan. “But I guess it was cooler to be on GameDay than to go to a flag football game.”

A great moment for a kid to just be a kid. 

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