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Wake Forest 12 FSU 3 — Postgame Quotes

Sept. 20, 2008

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Head Coach Bobby Bowden:

(Opening Statement)

“We’re not where I hoped we were because it’s very evident. Defensively you can’t say they played awful. Now defense played about as good as theirs. There was not a touchdown scored out there tonight on either team. Difference of the game is their offense executed better then ours executed. We self-destructed. We wouldn’t give ourselves a chance to win it, we wouldn’t ever give ourselves a chance. Every time we got down there in scoring zone, penalties. One time we were down on their side on their side, I would say down around the, maybe 35 or 40, and no, we’re back on the 20 or something. Just wouldn’t give ourselves a chance to win the game. Fumbles, interceptions and penalties were the worst of all. Sometimes fumbles and interceptions can’t be helped, but penalties, and then of course occasional missed assignments where you just completely missed the guy, and if we could’ve done those things we’d probably could have played, I would think we could play good enough to at least match them in field goals.”


(on what contributed to the loss)

“The quarterbacks made common mistakes that any quarterback might make, theirs even made some tonight, which you don’t usually ever do. And so the human element gets involved with them. The things that hurt us most were penalities. I mean where you just self-destruct, would not give yourself a chance to win, just wouldn’t give yourself a chance.”


(on the defense tonight)

“If our defense hadn’t been playing good tonight, that score would have been awful. Of course if theirs’ hadn’t played good we might have scored, too. Both teams defense played brilliantly. We made more mistakes then they did which kept us from being even with them or beating them.”


QB Christian Ponder:

(on coming out flat after a rough practice Thursday)

“I’m sure that had something to do with it but we just came out and we didn’t do what we were supposed to do and it ended up costing us.”


(on what the team has to do from here)

“There’s a lot to learn from games like this.  We have to go watch the film and learn from every mistake that we had.  We’ll correct a lot of things and be ready for the next game.”


(on having butterflies before the game)

“I felt pretty confident.  I felt pretty good.  I wasn’t too nervous or anything.  I was fine.”


QB D’Vontrey Richardson:

(on how he feels after the game)

“I feel bad.  I felt like I could have done something different at the end but I’m not going to hold my head down.  I’m just going to come next week prepared and study more film.”


(on Wake Forest’s talent compared to their first two opponents)

“It was a big difference but nothing we couldn’t handle.  They are a great football team but I believe that next week we have to come back more focused and cut down on the (missed assignments) and come out ready.”


PK Graham Gano

(on first career field goal attempt)

“I wasn’t nervous at all.  It was just like practice.  I think I was more excited than ever.  It was definitely the most exciting moment in football that I’ve ever had and it was probably the calmest I’ve ever been.”


Wake Forest Head Coach Jim Grobe

(opening statement)

“We won and that’s what I told the guys.  We don’t care weather it’s 3-0 or 49-48.  We won.  I think we made too many mistakes offensively.  I don’t know if we’ve ever played a better defensive game as far as forcing turnovers, making things happen.  That’s as good as we can play.  Special teams, I think Sam (Swank) hit a lot of good balls out there today we missed a couple of them but that’s going to happen from time to time.  I thought overall we played as hard as we could possible play tonight against what I think is a pretty good football team.” 


(on the last three possessions – Wake got three interceptions)

“We wanted to do that that was kind of the plan going out.  What are thoughts were we wanted to make them earn first downs the rest of the game and we felt like if we did that we would have a chance to get off the field once in a while.  I never dreamed we’d turn the ball over three times like we did.  The kids played relay good tonight defensively.”  


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