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Walking Up The 18th Green With Seminole Men’s Golfer Drew Kittleson

April 29, 2008

Drew Kittleson, a freshman member of the Florida State men’s golf team, is getting ready along with his teammates to play in the 2008 NCAA regional championships starting May 15. The official announcement of where they will play comes on May 5. While he and his ACC champion teammates wait for the announcement, Kittleson sat down with seminoles.com to discus what clubs are in his golf bag and what golf ball he uses while winning championships for the Seminoles.

What is your top golf achievement? Why?
“My top golf achievement is being an All-American as a junior and senior in high school. I am very proud of my high school career and hope that I can carry on that success during my career as a Seminole.”

What is your favorite golf moment? Why?
“I haven’t lived it yet and I hope they come while I am a Seminole. But my favorite golf moment to date is winning two championships in high school. Those championships are very important to me because our team included many of my best friends so they were special.”

Who is your favorite athlete outside of golf? Why?
“My favorite athlete outside of the golf world in Lance Armstrong because he has overcome so many things in his life and is still the dominant athlete in his sport.”

Who would play in your Fantasy Foursome? Why
“My fantasy foursome would include Tiger Woods, my mom and my dad. I would include Tiger Woods for obvious reasons and my mom and dad because they are the most important people in my life.”

What is your favorite course (other than the courses in Tallahassee)? Why?
“Pebble Beach is my favorite course outside of Tallahassee because it has so much tradition and has so many amazing views.”

Which professional golf tournament is your favorite to watch on TV? Why?
“The Masters is a tournament that I have watched for as long as I can remember because it is so steeped in tradition.”

What clubs are in your bag?
“I play with Titleist clubs. All of my clubs are Titleist.”

What is your ball of choice?
“I have played with the Titleist prov1 for as long as I can remember.”

What is your favorite golf movie? Why?
“My favorite golf movie of all time is Caddyshack because it has golf in it and it is a very funny movie.”

How many holes in one have you hit during your career? Where was it accomplished?
“My first career hole in one came this past March while I was playing for Florida State in the General Jim Hackler Invitational. It came on the Par 3, 13th hole on the TPC of Myrtle Beach in the third round of the tournament.”

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