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Weather Lets Up Allowing FSU To Practice And Scrimmage Wednesday

April 1, 2009

  • TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Wednesday’s football practice looked like it had little chance of happening earlier in the day but at the last minute the weather cleared up briefly enough to allow the FSU football team to get in a practice and a half scrimmage. The rain did fall a little during the practice but the big story was the continued big plays turned in by the Seminole offense and Brandon Jenkins continuing to be a big bright spot for Mickey Andrews’ defense.




    FROM THE -1

    • The offense got off to a quick start in the shadow of their goal line. The first play went for nine yards as Christian Ponder connected with Jarmon Fortson. Jermaine Thomas then once again turned in a big run as he went 80+ yards.
    • The second team offense wasn’t quite as successful but the group had a good couple plays as well. Corey Eddinger went to Avis Commack for five yards and then Ty Jones broke multiple tackles to pick up 11 more.

    FROM THE -35

    • Kevin McNeil began the set with a four-yard sack. Ponder hit Louis Givens for a short gain and then Ponder had a long run after being forced to scramble when McNeil chased him out of the pocket. After re-setting the ball Korey Mangum had a tackle for loss on a pitch followed by an incomplete pass. The offense turned in another big play on the next snap though as Ponder went to Rod Owens for a 71-yard TD as the receiver leaped over the DB to pull in the pass.
    • The second team defense got a three-and-out in their first crack from the 35. Eddinger picked up 15 yards to Josh Gehres but Mister Alexander had a TFL on a bad pitch but the offense moved the chains on a defensive penalty on the play.

    FROM THE 50

    • Ponder flared a pass out to Thomas for 12 yards and then the ones picked up another first on a Ponder pass to Bert Reed who fumbled the ball and Moses McCray fell on it. On third-and-six Ponder found Owens for seven yards and a first down.
    • Eddinger began the set with the twos by hitting Cameron Wade for 13 yards. The D turned in back-to-back big plays next. They recovered another fumble and then Dionte Allen picked off a pass and ran it back all the way inside the 10. Eddinger ended the set with a 15 yard pass to Fortson and then Seddrick Holloway ran for seven yards.

    FROM THE +20

    • Nigel Carr brought down Ponder behind the line on a broken play that turned into a run and then Markus White got in Ponder’s face and forced a quick throw that almost resulted in an interception. On 3rd-and-6 from the 26 Ponder got the ones back into the endzone when he hit Louis Givens in the front of the endzone for six. On the next play the ball was put back on the 20 and Marcus Sims went 20 yards up the middle for another TD.
    • The two’s weren’t nearly as successful as their drive ended after three plays when Brandon Jenkins recorded yet another sack.

    FROM THE +12

    • The defense did not allow the offense to get in from the 12 as they sent the ones out in three plays after they started with an eight yard completion from Ponder to Thomas. Thomas was stuck by Maurice Harris and then Jamie Robinson tackled Reed for no gain.
    • Jenkins dominated the twos on the next set with a sack and a tipped ball on a screen as the twos went three-and-out as well.


    • Kendall Smith tackled Marcus Sims behind the line from the three and then Ponder found Caz Piurowski for a TD from the one.
    • The twos went 1-for-2 as well. A bad exchange ended the first try from the three and then Sims pounded it in from the one on a pitch.

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    Head Coach Bobby Bowden


    Opening statement:

    “It wasn’t until about 3:00 whether or not we were going to be able to practice. We had heard that there might be a break in that weather. It rained this morning, we did not think we could be able to get it in but we did get it in. We’ll not practice tomorrow. I thought the defense did better. Offense was sloppy. Had quite a few fumbles and drop balls. More, I think, then usual. Other then that I think we’re probably still making some progress.”


    On if they worked passing more then running:

    “We probably ran more today then we did last Saturday. We worked more runs in there. He (Jimbo Fisher) was wanting to look at a couple new things and the kids couldn’t execute as good as they need to, you know it, fumbling and bobbling the ball.”


    QB Christian Ponder

    On the vertical passing game:

    “It was something we lacked a little bit last year. Things are starting to click and its opening up. It’s just gonna open up the shorter things. It’s something we need and something we’re definitely improving upon.”


    On the progress they have made this spring:

    “We’ve made a lot of progress. I think there’s still a few things we need to go over and fix but so far its pretty good. It’s been showing up a lot lately. Last scrimmage we had a couple of deep balls. The biggest thing for us right now is the O-Line is giving me ton of time so that has really opened things up. Receivers are learning the smaller details that open up the reads and make it easy to read. It’s definitely come along, a little more to improve but it’s definitely a lot further along then it was before.”


    CB Dionte Allen

    On the importance of the defense forcing turnovers:

    “It’s very important, Coach Andews – that’s what he wants to do, get turnovers, that’s what you do on defense. It was very important to us and we’re just having fun out there.”


    On the opportunity to get a pick:

    “That’s the thing about being a defensive back, when you get that opportunity to get one you got to go at it and get it done.  We’re just happy and it’s a regular practice, come back and work harder.”


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