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Wednesday’s Florida State Football Practice Report

Nov. 8, 2006


* Florida State practiced in helmets and shoulder pads for 20 periods in preparation for their game Saturday at 8:00 p.m. against No. 18/19 Wake Forest on ABC.

* Florida State’s game with Western Michigan on November 18th will kickoff at 2:00 p.m. with pay per view live coverage by ESPN 360 only. The live video broadcast of the game will be available online at the ESPN 360 portion of the website.

* In honor of Veteran’s Day, military veterans and Florida State football walk-ons, linebacker Jeremy Franklin (Navy), running back Eric James (Army and Navy) and tight end Josh Johnson (Army) will be honorary captains for Saturday’s Wake Forest game.

* Highlights for the offense in 11-on-11 included:

* Xavier Lee completed passes to Antone Smith (20 yards) and Robert Hallback (40 yards).

* Drew Weatherford connected with Greg Carr for a 14 yard touchdown pass and another 30 yard completion.

* Weatherford also completed two passed to Marcus Sims for a total of nine yards.

* Highlights for the defense in 11-on-11 included:

* Michael Ray Garvin had an interception and Buster Davis had a tackle for loss.


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(On practice)

“We had a pretty good practice. (Geno) Hayes worked some then our receiver (Da’Cody Fagg) worked more than he did. So I think we are okay with Fagg and Hayes is kind of, can play. I hope he (Hayes) knows assignment because they (Wake Forest) do more stuff to drive you nuts.”

(On his birthday)

“Did I not do anything on my birthday? Well I ate. I ate pretty good. It was just another day. You know I have had quite a few of them.”

(On Miami’s situation with Bryan Pata)

“It is tougher on parents but to a coach where so many kids our like their sons, it is tough on them and the team. We have his brother (Edwin Pierre-Pata) here who has gone home because of the situation. I have been through it twice and I hope I never go through it again.”

(Have you talked to coach Coker?)

“I talked to him this morning, sure did. Just about that I had been through it and I know what they are going through.”

(On Mario Henderson)

“Pass protection is his strong suit. His run blocking is not quite as good although he has improved. Our pass protection last week is just about as good as I can remember. Our quarterback had plenty of time to throw last week. I hope we can get it this week because this team will come after you.”

LB Eugene Hayes

(Do you feel like you can play?)

“Yeah, I feel pretty confident that I can go out there and play. It is just if the doctors will let me out.”

S Myron Rolle

(What sticks out about Wake Forest’s offense?)

“They don’t make mistakes. They don’t turn the ball over. They have a young quarterback but he plays smart and plays within his game. They like the big play. They won’t make any yards on the first drive, won’t make any on the second drive but then on the third drive they will hit like a double reverse and take it 80 yards and that is what they did against Boston College. So we have to be aware of those things and stay disciplined in our keys.”

(How do you stay disciplined with all of their misdirection?)

“I think the point of emphasis this week is staying focused and not worrying about what the other positions are doing on the field. They are going to pull guards and pull centers and run people all different kinds of directions but you have to know before the snap who your man is and what he can do in the play and how your responsibility can change. If you worry about everything else that is going on the field you will get lost and you won’t be a playmaker out there.”

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