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Wednesday’s Florida State Practice Report

Sept. 27, 2006


• Florida State worked out for 22 periods in full pads Wednesday.

• The team finished practice with 11-on-11.

• Highlights for the offense in 11-on-11 included:

o 10 yard completion from Xavier Lee to Marcus Sims

o 8 yard run from Lorenzo Booker

o 2 yard touchdown run from Marcus Sims

o 2 yard touchdown completion from Drew Weatherford to Marcus Sims

• Highlights for the defense in 11-on-11 included:

o A sack by Geno Hayes

o Pass break ups by Michael Ray Garvin and Roger Williams


Head Coach Bobby Bowden

(On practice)

“It was a Tuesday type of practice. We went in full pads, got some 11-on-11 and got some goal line. Goal line was about even.”

(On different players seeing playing time on defense)

“We just have new faces out there. Sometimes they look good, sometimes they get beat. You just have to beat that next man out and go.”

(On Cismesia 53 yard field goal against Rice)

“We see him hit them in practice sometimes and you know he has the range. The main thing is does he have the accuracy. I thought it was real good, good for him and good for us. If he hits it straight he has a chance to do that.”

(On Marcus Sims)

“It has timed out good because (Jamal) Edwards has been hurt and can’t practice so it gave us a third tail back and he has been running well. He ran well the other night in the game and has been running good in practice.”

CB Michael Ray Garvin

(On the opportunity to start)

“I’m just going to take advantage of it. We have some players down and now is my opportunity to step up and make big plays.”

(On working with the first team during practice)

“It is a lot different from playing second team. With first team you definitely have a lot more reps. You are working a lot harder because you are out there in the game more and it is just preparing yourself more for the game.”

FB Joe Surratt

(Did you expect to get the ball as much as you are getting it?)

“I really didn’t. I knew I was going to get the ball a little bit. Coaches said that it was going to happen, that fullbacks were going to get the ball. I think we have distributed the ball around well to everybody. It makes it a lot hard for other teams to cover everybody.”

(On his motivation to lose weight this summer)

“In the spring I was about 270 so my biggest thing was that I was real slow and I wasn’t able to do what I wanted to do. I wasn’t able to hit the holes as quick as I wanted to and I just wasn’t in as good as shape. That was my main thing I just wanted to get in shape and get a little quicker and I think I did that.

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