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Week Two Of Spring Practice Kicks Off With 22 Periods In Shells

March 23, 2009

  • TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Following five days of practice last week including the first full pad scrimmage, the Seminole football team had Sunday off. Following a day of rest, the squad was back out on the field Monday practicing 22 periods in shells. This week FSU will practice four times with off days coming on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.



    ·          There was a half scrimmage originally scheduled for Monday but coach Bowden said with most of the running backs in blue jersey’s, they decided to go out in shells on Monday.

    ·          Instead of scrimmaging, the majority of the second half of practice was spent in 11-on-11. Bert Reed and Marcus Sims had highlight runs during the drill.

    ·          Bo Reliford, Richard Goodman, Avis Commack and Josh Gehres all had catches as well. Gehres’ catch was a diving grab along the sideline.

    ·          There were plenty of defensive highlights. Nick Moody had the lone interception while Patrick Robinson almost pulled in a pick as well and he had a big hit. Everett Dawkins and Maurice Harris combined on a sack and Nigel Carr and Markus White each had a sack and a pressure. Kevin McNeil and Justin Mincey recorded pressures as well. A.J. Alexander had a tackle for loss.

    ·          In red zone Ponder connected with Givens and Reed. Defensively Mincey had a sack and a TFL. Dawkins, Mincey and White all had big stops at the line. Toshmon Stevens stripped a ball from Ponder on a QB pressure.


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    Head Coach Bobby Bowden

    Opening statement:

    “We previously had planned on going out in full pads today, but our running backs are kind of beat up so we decided to come out in shells.”


    On who stood out in the first week and at the scrimmage:

    “Some guys that caught our attention last week. Bert Reed has made some real good strides. Shows a lot of potential out there if he will just keep up the work. Avis Commack also, a freshman, is coming along pretty good. Looks like he will be able to help us there. Pat Robison is playing big league at corner. He is playing big league cornerback for us. (Ochuko) Jenije has made a lot of improvement as well. Marcus Sims…I told Marcus a while ago he ran as good Saturday as any back I have seen out here in a long time. He must had more broken tackles than…I know he had more broken tackles than anyone on Saturday but that was some really great running by him. Ty Jones ran well. Kendrick Stewart has played well inside. Everett Dawkins looked better rushing the passer. Now if he can get his play against the run better that will really help him but his pass rushing was pretty good. (Kendall) Smith to me kinda stands out among all the linebackers. Playing pretty good.


    On the scrimmage:

    “It was a pretty good scrimmage. We are not going backwards. We are going forwards and again it is just a matter of quick they can learn everything and just coordinate it together.”


    Linebacker Maurice Harris

    On the young group at linebacker:

    “We are really coming up as a group. We are really young. We are a very connected group this year and communicate more. We are a closer group as far as our age goes. We are helping each other out.”


    Safety Nick Moody

    On his spring so far:

    “I had to knock the rust of the first couple days but now I am getting back into it. My shoulder has been really good. It is not causing me any pain right now. There is a lot of opportunity in the secondary this year and that is motivation right there.”


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