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Wendesday’s Football Practice Report

Sept. 21, 2005




The No. 6 Florida State Seminoles (3-0, 2-0 ACC) practice was cut short Wednesday because of lightning in the Tallahassee area. The Seminoles planned to practice for 22 periods but were only able to complete 16. Like Tuesday, the first team was going to be let out early, while the second and third teams would have five periods of 11-on-11 and goalline. The team met at 3:20 for flex before working on special teams. The offense and defense worked on individual drills and just started pass skeleton before Coach Bowden called practice due to lightning in the area. The Seminoles will meet on Thursday for practice before having the rest of the week off. 




(opening statement)

“We got in everything but a half of a period that we had planned to get it.  When the lightning came, we had to get off the field.  So, I thought it was a pretty good practice.  We are probably getting what we need this week and that is getting to teach a lot.  We are also resting the guys that have injuries.” 


(on the schedule for the rest of the week)

“We practice tomorrow unless we are rained out or something.  That will be the last practice this week.”


(on the injuries)

“There is a good chance that some of the guys that were injured in the Boston College game will be back. The person that is coming on slower than I thought would is Willie Reid.” 


(on extra work for younger guys)

“The guys that have not been able to play a lot were able to get some extra work in today, which is what they need.  We don’t have time to do this a lot when we have a game.”




Center David Castillo


(on the status of his injury)

“My foot is not a 100 percent, coming back from foot surgery, but I’m out there doing what I can to help the team get better.  I’ll be ready for Syracuse.” 


(on the bye week)

“You get to get a little time off when you have an off-week, so that gives guys like Ernie Sims time to recuperate and a few of the wide receivers.  The week off gives you time to recuperate both mentally and physically to get ready for the rest of the season.”


 Linebacker Ernie Sims


(on the linebackers)

“Our depth gives us a lot of pride but our camaraderie is just as important and the way that we all get along with each other.  We hang out a lot and everything.”


(on his injury)

“I twisted my ankle a little bit against Boston College but the good thing is we have an open week.  I can rest a little bit and get treatment on it to get ready for the Syracuse game.” 


(on practice)

“I haven’t been doing anything this week.  I have just been resting.  I should be back on the field on Monday with everyone else. 




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