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Whitney Brummett’s World — Heading Into the ACC Championship

April 13, 2005

Freshman Whitney Brummett earned the Seminoles’ top individual finish of the year as she finished in a tie for third place in the individual standings in leading the Seminoles to a second place team finish at the Ryder/Florida Championship. It marked the third top 10 individual finish and 10th top 20 finish of the season for a Seminole individual. The fabulous freshman sat in the seminoles.com hot seat before the team left for North Carolina and the upcoming ACC Championship. Take a read at what she had to say.

Do you prepare yourself the same for the ACC Tournament as you do any other tournament, or do you take another approach?
I will prepare for ACC Championship just like any other tournament this year. Everything I’ve ever heard about sports psychology says you should always stay in your routine in any situation. Plus, I can’t think of anything I could really do too much differently to prepare. I’m just getting caught up on my work so I’m not stressed out or distracted and I’m going to try to get a couple of good nights sleep so I’ll be rested. It’s a very exciting time for me and my teammates and we are looking forward to competing the top conference championship in the nation.

What do you hope to accomplish individually in the ACC Tournament?
Individually I feel like if I finish in the top 20 of the individual standings, it will be a successful event for me. Obviously the field is very strong and there are some great players. I would also like to finish ahead of the all of the other freshmen from the other schools.

What’s the biggest challenge you face going into the tournament?
The biggest challenge for me going into the ACC Championship will be to put all of the other pressures I am feeling aside and to simply focus on making one good shot at a time. As a team, we need to perform well to have a chance to qualify for regionals. It is going to be very important to not have any distractions on my mind while I’m playing.

Which one of your teammates have you learned from the most golf-wise?
I learn something from each of my teammates every day. I’ve learned some good one-liners from Whitney Wright. I have adopted good practice habits from Jaclyn Burch and I have learned good putting techniques
from Caroline Larsson. Technically, I have learned a lot from the guys on our men’s team. The guys have been there to help me out throughout the year; whether it is on my swing or my short game.

Is there any added pressure because this is the conference tournament?
I really don’t think there is any added pressure because it is the conference tournament. There will be great teams and great players in the field, but we have been competing against great teams all year long. I think after our performance at the last tournament there could not be a better time for us to compete at an important tournament such as the ACC Championship.

Evaluate the team as a whole going into the tournament?
As a whole I think the team will be very prepared. I think Whitney Wright, Caroline, and I have a lot of confidence after solid finishes at the Ryder/Florida I think Jaclyn will be ready to play and be able to bounce back from not playing as well as she liked — I’m not really worried about her at all because I know she will be ready. Jaclyn has played in some big tournaments during her career and knows how to prepare herself to play well. Finally, I think Tyler will be ready and excited to play because it will be her last tournament here at FSU and she will want to go out on a high note.

What goals have been set for the team for the tournament, or is the only objective to win?
Our goal is to win every tournament we enter. I think Coach Dillman and each member of the team will be happy and feel it is a successful tournament if we beat all the teams we’ve beaten so far this year, and a couple that we haven’t been able to beat thus far. If we do well as a team, that will mean we have done well as individuals and that is what we play for at each tournament.

Knowing that Whitney Wright has experience playing at the Carmel Country Club, have you asked her for any advice?
The practice day on the course is always an important day for us. Knowing that Whitney Wright has played the course before is something we are going to use to our advantage. I’m sure she will be very helpful during the practice round and able to give some good advice about some tricky shots.

This marks the 13th consecutive year that FSU has competed in the ACC Tournament. What is it like to be a part of a team that continues that tradition?
It is very exciting to continue the tradition of playing in the ACC Championship. Florida State has a very strong tradition and I will welcome the challenge to continue the tradition of great play in the conference tournament – the best conference tournament in the nation.

What’s the most memorable shot you’ve hit this year?
The best shot I’ve hit this year was probably not a shot at all but a putt. I’ve hit some awesome drives this year and some really tight pin shots but the final putt in my second round at the UNC tournament was probably the best for me. I had about a five-foot downhill putt to shoot 72 with the team watching. I was so relieved when it went in. I shot my first round this year at even par and won my red shoes. I feel like I
broke a barrier that day because since then I’ve been able to have four rounds at even par.

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