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Whitney Brummett’s World — On Earning A Top Five Finish At The Ryder Championship

April 5, 2005

Whitney Brummett earned the best finish of her career at the Ryder/Florida Championship as she closed the 54-hole event with a four-over par 76 in the final round for a 225 total. Her finish was one place better than her previous career best (tied for fourth at the fall 2004 Lady Paladin Invitational) while she was only seven strokes off her career-best tournament score (218 also at the fall 2004 Lady Paladin Invitational). She now has two career top-five finishes and five career top-25 finishes. She sat down with seminoles.com as the team began preparations for the upcoming ACC Championship.

What is your mindset going into the ACC Championship after performing so well in the Ryder?
I am very confident on the course and very excited to play in my first ACC Championship. I’m ready to play, I’ve heard the course is very nice, and, of course the competition will be tough. I’m excited to play because I feel like after the last tournament
we gained a lot of confidence playing as a team. I feel this is the strongest we’ve been as a team all year and this is a good time to be playing well. I think we all will be ready to perform well when we get to North Carolina.

You’ve led the team in individual scoring in four tournaments this year, what factors do you feel contributed to that?
It is, and will always be, a goal of mine to lead the team in scoring average each season. I am happy with the way I have played in both seasons but feel I had a more successful fall season. But I think that was because I had no expectations this fall. I was starting new and I more or less didn’t know any better. I think the reason I had a couple bad tournaments this spring is because I started thinking about the season I could have if I would only do this or do that or shoot that. This past tournament (Ryder/Florida) I knew I had nothing to lose again and I played with that attitude. Obviously I performed better. So I think my mindset in the tournaments had everything to do with my performance.

What has been the best aspect of your game this spring?
The best aspect of my game this spring is hard to think of. I feel like I’ve been struggling a little in a couple of the past tournaments but I’m most proud of the fact that I was able to break my bad playing slump at the last tournament, instead of continuing a downward spiral.

If you could change one thing about your season individually, what would it be and why?
Individually, obviously I would take back the Georgia tournament. I played horribly; I let my moral get down and I was totally out of it both mentally and physically. I pretty much let myself feel defeated which I hadn’t done all year up until that point. I was disappointed in my play at that tournament and if I had the chance to play those three
days over again I would jump at it in a heartbeat. Not only did I let myself down by shooting the scores I did, but more importantly I ruined any chance we had as a team.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the spring season?I want to improve on my putting and my confidence during the remainder of the season. I’m striking the ball well and if I can just get my putts down I will be shooting really well. Also if I get my head back on completely straight and start believing in myself totally again I think I can and will perform really well. I might even surprise some people.

How has spring semester been for you?
The spring semester has been tougher for me than the fall semester. My classes are a lot harder this spring because I’m already in some of my major classes and a couple higher level classes. I’ve had a lot more work and a lot more papers and readings, which translates to a lot more outside stress, especially since we’ve been on the road even more
this spring. Let’s just say it will be a relief when finals are over because I have a stack of make-up work a mountain high.

What’s your favorite class?
My favorite class is International Relations. It is a topic that interests me and I really like my teacher. He used to be in the army and has lived and traveled all over the world and is a really interesting guy. He tells good stories and is easy to pay attention to. When I’m his age I hope I have had as many interesting experiences as he has had.

Who has the sweetest swing on the PGA/LPGA Tour?
I think Ernie Els has a pretty sweet swing. He’s a beast and he still keeps his swing so smooth and with such a good rhythm. But I like to watch people like John Daly, Sergio Garcia, and Tiger, who rip it — they’re the most fun to watch!

Who is the best player other than Annika on tour right now?
I haven’t had enough time to watch golf or even know what’s going on in the world, but I would say Vijay Singh is the best player on the men’s tour right now.

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