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Whitney Wright’s World: Getting Ready For The ACC Championship

April 4, 2005

Freshman Whitney Wright played the best golf of her Seminole career at the Ryder/Florida Championship as she finished in a tie for fifth place with a 226 total. She established career bests for finish (tied for fifth), tournament score (223) and 36-hole score (152) in leading the Seminoles to their best finish of the season. She stopped in to visit with seminoles.com as the team began preparation for the upcoming ACC Championship in her home state of North Carolina.

What is your mindset going into the ACC Championship after performing so well in the Ryder?
I feel like I performed well at the Ryder/Florida Championship and I have a great deal of confidence in my game right now. I am now playing like the player I know I can be and am excited about the ACC Championship. I am shooting the scores that I am used to shooting; I am not an 80’s player. I think I lost a lot of confidence early on and just never got it back. My play at the Ryder really lifted my spirits and helped me know that there are going to be many good days on the golf course during my career at Florida State.

What has been the best aspect of your game this spring?
I have been hitting my irons really well this spring and that’s the best part of my game right now. I got new irons this spring and they have helped me reach a lot more greens in regulation than I did last fall. I have also been hitting with my driver pretty well and not getting into trouble off the tee. I think my ability to drive has really come around.

If you could change one thing about your season individually, what would it be and why?
If I could do it all over, I would like to have started out better during the first event of the season – the Gator Invitational. My season and really been an uphill roller coaster since the end of last season. I didn’t perform to my potential and I quickly got down on myself. I would change how I played in the opening rounds of all of our tournaments.

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in the spring season?
My biggest challenge has come on the putting green. I changed my putters twice and that has obviously been a challenge for me. I putted well at the Ryder/Florida and I am going to stick with that putter for the remainder of the season. Figuring out which putter and which way I was going to putt has been my biggest challenge. It’s been hard to overcome. If you have no confidence in your putting than you are in big trouble. If you are standing over a putt and don’t think you can make it, you are definitely not going to make it. This weekend, I stood over the ball and had confidence that I would make every putt I made.

You’ve had the chance to compete in all seven tournaments this year, how can you use that experience to your benefit as you look toward the postseason?
It’s been a blessing that I have been able to play in all the tournaments as a freshman. When I look at the teams we have played against and the caliber of players we faced I am very pleased that I have been able to earn my way into the lineup during my first season at Florida State. It helps me because I want to get better and I am going to practice hard over the summer to become a better player. I am going back home this summer and I am going to be able to play and practice every day. I am going to work hard to be prepared to play next fall.

The ACC Championship is in your home state of North Carolina. Does it make it tougher knowing that your family and friends are watching, or does it motivate you?
Playing in front of my family and friends is going to motivate me to play well. I have played the course at Carmel Country Club at least three or four times so I am familiar with the layout. It’s a good course to play and it’s even better for me to have experience in the course. I am going to arrive at the ACC Championship in a good frame of mind after playing well at Miami this weekend.

How many people will you have in Charlotte watching you compete?
My entire family will be there. My mom and my dad, my grandmother and one of my uncles who lives in Charlotte will all be there. My sister, who has her prom on Saturday night, might get to miss class to see me play on Friday.

Has your family been able to attend any tournaments this year?
My family has seen me play twice this spring already. That came to both the Georgia and South Carolina tournaments. They only wish they could have seen me play at Miami last weekend.

The Masters is coming. Who’s your pick to win the green jacket?
My favorite player is Tiger Woods and he always has a great chance to win any tournament he is entered in. I think Tiger motivates the entire field to play well. I think he is an awesome player.

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you or one of your teammates on the course this year?
Coach Dillman is always on the freshman (Me and Whitney Brummett) because we are never prepared for the rain when we are out on the course. We normally get soaking wet. We get all we and our clubs get all wet because we don’t have our covers for our clubs. She specifically made a note for us before we left for Miami.

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