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Whitney Wright’s World – Likes and Dislikes

Oct. 20, 2004

Whitney Wright and her teammates travel to South Carolina to play in the Furman University Invitational Oct. 22-24. Whitney earned her way into the Seminoles’ starting lineup for the third consecutive tournament and sat down with seminoles.com before the team left Tallahassee last Wednesday. The freshman discussed why she likes the cold weather, who her Hollywood crush is and whether she likes chocolate or vanilla in her second installment of Whitney’s World.

East or West Coast and Why?
“Probably the East Coast because my family is on the East Coast and I don’t have any family on the West Coast.”

Snow or sand and why
“Probably the snow and mountains because I like wearing winter clothes. I like the kind of clothes you wear in the winter and I like the cold weather. I’m very much an outdoors type of person. I like to go camping and participate in activities like that in the winter.”

Favorite pair of shoes in your collection and why
“My favorite pair of shoes are my rainbow-colored flip-flops which I’m wearing right now. I like to wear them because they are very comfortable and you can slide them on and off easily. I also like shoes that have high heels on them because I am so short. I have a pair of pink and white stilettos and they are really cute.”

Sneakers or sandals and why
“When I am just hanging out I like to wear sandals. If I am going to class I like to wear sneakers. I also like wearing sneakers because I enjoy running, exercising and staying in shape.”

Favorite Hollywood crush and why
“I have always had a thing for Tom Cruise. There is just something about him that I find very, very attractive. I also like Brad Pitt, but then again, everyone like Brad Pitt. I also like Ashton Kutcher. There is also something about him and I really like his personality. I like people who are funny and can humor me.”

Favorite sport besides golf to play and watch and why
“I like to watch football but not play football because I am so small. I used to play when I was young because I lived in a neighborhood that was full of boys. On Saturday’s the boys would all play football and I would always play with them. It was either play football with the boys or be a cheerleader. So, I chose to play. I was a tomboy growing up so I used to play both football and kickball. I also like to watch gymnastics because I used to be a gymnast.”

Chocolate or vanilla and why
“Chocolate. That’s bad because chocolate makes my face break out. But, definitely chocolate.

Favorite pro team and why
“I used to like the Miami Dolphins because I used to have a huge crush on Dan Marino. I like the Carolina Panthers because that’s the team we have in North Carolina. We had tickets to see a lot of their games when I was in high school and they made it to the Super Bowl last season.”

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