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Whitney Wright’s World — Playing In Her Home State Of North Carolina

Oct. 7, 2004

What are your thoughts about playing in your home state of North Carolina in the Tar Heel Invitational this weekend?
I’m really excited about being able to get back to North Carolina and see my parents and my friends. I know that my parents, my golf coach and the girls I played with last year are coming along with a few of the members of the country club that I play at are coming over to watch me. I like a big crowd and I like performing. I’m the type of player that when the lights are on, I feel like I play better. I feel that I am a good practice player but I also feel I am a better player in tournaments. I’m excited about going back home to play. I am also looking forward to playing at this specific event because I love bent grass and playing on bent greens instead of Bermuda. I’ve played this course before so I feel like I have an advantage. I’ve also had a good week of practice since we came home from our first tournament, so I’m excited about getting back into a competitive situation. I’ve been practicing hard and working on some new things and changing a few things in my game so I’m excited about having the chance to compete for Florida State for the second time in my career.

How easily have you been able to adjust to campus life?
I have to say that washing your clothes with other people is a little different. I learned that you have to either wash your clothes early in the morning or really late at night because there are so many other students trying to use two or three washing machines and dryers at a time. I have also learned that you’re not going to find a parking spot anywhere near one of my classes, so I’ve had to get up and start going to class 45 minutes early if I’m going to park on campus. So I’ve had to catch a lot of busses to get across campus and back and forth to my classes. The first week I was on campus I got on a bus that went the opposite way I wanted to go so I went around the whole campus. I’ve unfortunately been to the wrong classes a few times and because of that I’ve been late for a few classes. Despite those couple of mistakes, I love being a student-athlete at Florida State. It’s a fun atmosphere to be a part of and you’re always meeting a new person which is something I really enjoy. I really love all of my teammates because we’re together all the time –at workouts, on the golf course, talking on the phone or at tournaments — we’re always with each other. The only thing I don’t like about dorm life is that I can’t bring all my clothes down here because I don’t have any room. I would estimate that I have only about half of my clothes and my shoes with me here at school. I love shoes, and I buy shoes all the time. I probably have over a hundred pairs of shoes.

?How many do you have with you down here?
I probably have about 80 pairs of shoes with me here at school. I have this big old tub that I put my shoes in. It’s huge; it’s like almost half the size of my bed. I just like different shoes, I like having different ones with different outfits.

How many pairs of shoes to you wear each day?
I would say that I wear three to four pairs of shoes each day depending on what outfit I am wearing at a specific time. I wear tennis shoes and then on the golf course, I wear my golf shoes, then at night I wear heels because I’m so short (you know I want to be taller when I go out.)

What have you learned during the first six weeks you have been at Florida State?
The one thing I have learned the most about is scheduling and budgeting my time. I quickly found out that to be successful academically and athletically, I have to prioritize and dedicate time to each of the many things I want to be successful at. At first I was just kind of nervous about performing for Coach Dillman. I wanted her to believe in me and trust that I could be successful in my classes and on the course. I will always want to do well for coach and the golf program, but I realize now that I want to do well for myself. I was more or less trying to impress the people that I was around. A good friend, Kris Hannah, (who played on the Seminole men’s golf team from 1997-2000) came to the driving range to watch me swing and gave me some good advice. He told me to focus on my shot and my game instead of what the other players thought of my swing. I thought about it and now instead of playing the players I’m playing the course, trying to focus on my shot and not worrying what my opponents are thinking.

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