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Whitney’s Brummett’s World — Adjusting To College Life

Oct. 19, 2004

What has been your biggest adjustment to college life since arriving at Florida State?
“The biggest adjustment I have had to make has been doing my own laundry and cooking my own meals. I knew I’d spend a lot of time working on my academics and playing golf, but just taking care of myself and doing chores like cleaning and cooking have been the biggest adjustment so far for me.”

What’s the biggest difference between golf at the collegiate level and golf at the high school level?
“The biggest difference between playing golf in college and playing golf in high school is the level of competition. The teams we play against are just so much stronger and each one of the players we compete against were the best players in their high schools. You can go out and shoot par one day and know there are going to be players who are going to shoot lower than you. In high school if you shot even par you always knew you were going to be so far in front of the field it wasn’t even funny. So just knowing that everybody playing in a collegiate tournament was the big dog in high school means the competition is going to be that much stronger.”

What have you done the best on the golf course since your arrival at Florida State?
“I feel the thing I have done the best on the golf course since I have been at Florida State has been keeping my head. While I was playing junior golf I always put so much pressure on myself to shoot a low score that if I had a bad hole I would get down on myself. Since I have been here, Coach Dillman has begun to teach me how to keep my emotions in check and how to play on an even keel whenever I am on the course. I have learned that if I have a bad hole that I can make up for it immediately with a good hole.”

What was you first thought when you learned you had earned your way into the starting lineup for your first career tournament?
“When I found out I had qualified for the starting lineup on my first try I was equal parts excited and nervous. I was excited because one of my goals was to earn my way into the lineup as quickly as I could. I was nervous because I knew I had to go out and perform to keep my spot in the lineup. My goal coming to Florida State was to be in the top five and continue to work my way up. I was satisfied initially but I also knew I had to continue to improve my game each day to help the team in each tournament I play in. I need to be on top of my game each day to stay in the lineup.”

What is your favorite class during your first semester at Florida State?
“My favorite class so far has been my honors Shakespeare class. It has been the most interesting class and one I look forward to going to each time.”

What are the biggest academic differences in college as compared to high school?
“The biggest difference is the amount of time I have to devote to studying here at Florida State. I quickly realized the importance of each test in each class and how important it is to study for each test. In high school you might be able to get away with a bad test grade and be able to make up for that with other types of work in that class. There are not as many opportunities to make up for a sub-par grade in each class so you have to do well on each test you take. I have found that I have to be responsible for myself and initiate studying on my own.”

Have you been homesick and how often to you call home to your family?
“I haven’t been homesick yet because I have been too busy to be homesick. I probably call home about twice a week. On the other hand, my dad probably calls me about four times a day. I haven’t had time to be homesick with school, golf and traveling but I am looking forward to getting home after our last tournament to see my family and friends.”

What’s the best thing about being away at college?
“The best thing about being away at college is also the hardest thing for me – the fact that there are no rules. The ability to do pretty much whatever I want to and to not have a curfew is probably the most difficult thing I have to deal with. I have had to become a more disciplined person and have had to learn how to better manage my time. There are times when I need to get home and study and the hardest thing has been doing exactly that – going home to study. It’s not easy, but is something I’m getting better at doing.”

What is the one thing that has shocked you the most about college life?
“The most shocking thing to me is how hard it has been to sleep in my own apartment. My roommates and neighbors are constantly partying one the weeknights and well and the weekends and are often up later than 4 o’clock in the morning. It’s frustrating knowing that I have to get up early in the morning for class or workouts and I can’t get the sleep I need because of the noise.”

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