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Who Is Big Jelly?

April 19, 2000

By FSU freshman center Nigel Dixon

“Big Jelly” is none other than the large and vibrant Nigel M.
Dixon. Who is
Nigel Dixon? A hardworking FSU basketball player. In the spotlight, I may
seem mean and unapproachable. This is because I have to get pumped up and
physical before a game. Off the court I am known as a person who loves to
joke and laugh. I have another life beyond basketball that few know about,
except for my close friends. In my spare time, I love to fish and watch
movies, and spend time alone. I find my private life to be very

My first love is fishing, which I find peaceful and relaxing.
however, fishing becomes a rush. I can remember my junior year in high
school when my brother and I went out to the lake to go fishing. Well, we
didn’t catch anything the whole day. Then, just as we were about to leave,
my brother felt a slight tug, and when we reeled the fish in, we discovered
a 30-pound catfish. We were so excited that we didn’t know what to do. My
brother was scared to even touch the fish, so he took it, still on the
hook, into the house. My uncle Marquis took it, cleaned it, and sold the
meat to my neighbor Mr. Ruffin.

My second love is watching movies. Movies just seem to take a lot of
pressure off my mind. When I watch movies that make me laugh, I don’t have
to think about grades, conditioning, or fans. If I had to pick a favorite
right now, it would have to be The Best Man (1999), a movie about friends
who have different pasts and who come together at a wedding. I especially
like the character J.J. who plays a guitar upside down on his shoulder. I
don’t have a preference about which movies I watch, but I really enjoyed
this movie.

Finally, I love spending time alone, for solitude soothes my mind.
It also
lets me put everything in perspective, especially after I have had a long
day of basketball and a full day of classes. I have to do something to
soothe my nerves before I get too stressed. When I need to be alone, I go
to my room. I lie on my bed with a basketball in my hand, staring at the
ceiling. This is my favorite way of calming myself because when I’m
tossing this ball in the air, I go into my own world. This is how I clear
my mind. Believe it or not, this simple exercise relaxes me.

Sure, everyone calls me “Big Jelly.” And it’s true, I am a fairly big
person. However, I try not to intimidate people off the court. I actually
enjoy helping people, and not just because it is the right thing to do.
People are often surprised about how giving I am to individuals I don’t
know. Not to brag, but one time I bought these kids that I saw in the
grocery store some Skittles. The three little kids were so excited, that
they just kept saying, ” Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” I took my
mother’s advice about helping people because she felt that if you help
others, people help you. She said, “Maybe there’s a person out there who
needs your help.”

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