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Will the REAL “Superman” Please Stand Up?

April 9, 2008

By Brittany Flowers


Well, it may be a little too late for that because Charles “Superman” Clark has already risen and is on the verge of redefining the meaning of Superman. One can say Clark is fast as a speeding bullet and others may think he has more power than a locomotive. Just ask some of his high school track teammates who gave him the name, his sophomore year, after what he calls “beating up on the seniors.” Amongst the many awards in his high school career, Superman was the 2006 Virginia Beach athlete of the year, a 13 time all-state selection and the fastest 55m runner in the nation.


But before we knew of this nickname at Florida State University, Clark had to make a tough decision whether to pursue a singing career or become a student athlete.


Superman began his passion for singing at an early age in life. This passion and love for singing led him through winning many contests and talent shows. One in particular was the Virginia Idol. This statewide competition incorporated talented adult singers throughout Virginia. In Clark‘s first attempt at the grand prize of a new car, he lost in the first round. This loss motivated him to strive for success in the contest the following year. Just as Clark dreamed, he came out with the Victory. Ecstatic about winning his 2000 Plymouth breeze, he knew that singing could potentially become his career.


However, before making this decision, like any other high school student, Charles looked to his mother for the right answers. After deliberating on whether to sing or become a track athlete, Clark came to the conclusion that education was his first priority. After making this life-changing decision, he was well on his way here to FSU.


Superman (Charles Clark, not Clark Kent) has flown over 780 miles from Virginia to Tallahassee and has made his trip worth while. In only his sophomore season, Clark has already earned six All-American awards, which puts him at second on the team, just behind Walter Dix. He made his intentions on this season clear when he said,


“I don’t focus on being an All-American because my main focus is to do well and progress in the season.”


Included in his progression of the season, he noted that he’s out there to have fun, because getting to serious may result in things falling apart. Still holding up in his sophomore year, Charles has hopes for more success in the near future.


Now, instead of “Superman” being defined as just a hero with astounding powers, unmeasured strengths and speeds faster than a bullet, it has now added on the characteristics of a talented singer and student athlete. Now that Clark revised the definition of his abilities, he can now continue to soar throughout his duration at FSU.



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