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With Spring Practice Nearing An End, FSU Gets In One Last Early Session

    April 7, 2009


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – The Florida State football team was back out at practice just over 12 hours after Monday’s half scrimmage ended. The squad practiced for 22 periods in shells in frigid temperatures. The Seminoles are scheduled to practice Wednesday for the final time this spring.



    ·          11-on-11 was situational at first. Bo Reliford, Richard Goodman and Jarmon Fortson. Corey Eddinger found Avis Commack and Marcus Sims out of the backfield. Patrick Robinson broke up a pass for the defense and Brandon Jenkins had a sack.

    ·          In red zone Ponder connected with Louis Givens and Fortson for TDs. He also completed passes to Avis Commack and Ty Jones. Ponder had two nice runs including a scramble for a TD. Sims also took one in for six. Nigel Carr and Jenkins both recorded sacks and Dionte Allen had a PBU.

    ·          Practice concluded with 4:00 offense. Ponder went deep to Goodman but then the defense took over with Moses McCray forcing a fumble, Kendall Smith breaking up a pass and then back-to-back sacks with one coming from Toshmon Stevens. That left the offense in 4th-and-forever with less than :20 on the clock. That didn’t stop Ponder who put up a desperation heave that Fortson brought in between two defenders for a first down allowing the offense to at least get off a long field goal attempt.



    Head Coach Bobby Bowden


    Opening statement:

     “We went out in shells today and started at about 7:20.   Kids got through it okay.  It was cold as heck out there.  We had too many missed assignments today if you were evaluating the practice.  Entirely too many missed assignments out there.  It usually goes back to mental (the missed assignments)”


    Do you feel pretty good about spring practice?

    “Thank goodness we have had quite a few of them that have gotten through the whole spring.  That’s very important in spring training.  We’ve made strides but we can still see strides that we must make.  Our turnovers scare us to death right now offensively.  Defensively we have done a better job of shutting down the big play although we had some yesterday.  I think that’s one little progress they’ve made in the spring.”


    How has the offensive line performed this spring?

    “They have progressed.  They’ve progressed.  I think they’ve probably been one of the strong points of spring training.  I think the defensive line has improved as well.  They are young but a lot of them have got two years under their belt and a lot of them have got one year under their belt.  We will be much more experienced next year in that regard.” 


    Offensive Lineman Brandon Davis

    On playing with the first team this spring

    “It has made me a better player.  Technique, mentally and physically.  There was no pressure but I just watched more film, worked on my technique by trying to perfect it.  I just need to trust what (Coach Trickett) says; trust his steps.”


    Linebacker Nigel Carr

    ON the linebackers:

    “We are just putting it all together; working hard.  We still have a lot of work to do, though.  I’ve learned the playbook a lot so it’s starting to slow down and we have good chemistry so we are trying to keep it up.  We know we have to work hard but we have been waiting for this for a long time.  Last year it wasn’t my time – I had to sit on the bench a little bit but now I get to play a little more and I going to see what it’s all about.  Last year we didn’t have a lot of energy; sometimes in a game we would be down.  This year we have to play good every down.”


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