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Women’s Basketball Live Chat – FSU vs. NC State

Women’s Basketball Live Game Chat – FSU vs. NC State

The Florida State Women’s Basketball team heads to Raleigh for their second ACC road game of the season at NC State Thursday night.

During the game you can chat with Women’s Basketball sports information director Brandon Mellor to gather his insights from courtside at Reynolds Coliseum.

You can also post comments and questions throughout the game.

Dylan(Purcellville): Go Noles

Josh (Tallahassee): Normally sit in Section B at the home games…. Go Noles! Let’s beat NC State for the first time ever at NC State!
Brandon Mellor: 15 minutes to tip-off here at Reynolds Coliseum

Dylan(PurcellvilleVirginia): Yes Go Noles Beat NC State
Ryan Pensy: The ladies are sporting the all black uniforms once again tonight.
Brandon Mellor: Tonight’s FSU starters:
G Courtney Ward
G Mara Freshour
G Tanae Davis-Cain
F Alysha Harvin
F Jacinta Monroe
Brandon Mellor: Seminoles win the tip and we are underway…
Brandon Mellor: Official timeout on the floor. FSU 5 NCSU 4. 15:41 left in the 1st half.
Ryan Pensy: NC State is 1-8 shooting to start the game
Brandon Mellor: FSU has four 3-pointers in the game’s first six minutes. Two apiece by Alysha Harvin and Tanae Davis-Cain.

Josh (Tallahassee): Enjoying the radio coverage. Disappointed though that the game isn’t on ACC Select, like it was advertised. Oh well… Go Noles!
Brandon Mellor: Timeout on the floor: FSU 22 NCSU 12. 10:59 left in the first.

Jacob (Bloomington, IN): Let’s go noles! What was the starting five?
Ryan Pensy: Huge transition lay-up by C.Ward
Brandon Mellor: Starting five: Freshour, Ward, Davis-Cain, Monroe, Harvin

Brandon Mellor: FSU has a great chance. Losses to Washington and Valparaiso hurt but wins at LSU and against a highly-ranked Texas A&M look great. The Seminoles have to keep it going in conference play.

Jacob (Bloomington, IN): I thought that would be it, after the Texas a&m game. What is NC State’s record?
Brandon Mellor: NC State is 8-8 overall, 0-1 in ACC play.
Brandon Mellor: T.O. FSU. FSU 23 NCSU 15.
Brandon Mellor: Timeout. FSU 23 NCSU 15. 7:53 left in the first.

Scott (Tallahassee, FL): Brandon, how is the guard playing looking for Florida State? Freshour or Ward running the point?
Ryan Pensy: Seminoles have not had a FG since the 10:59 mark a 3:07 drought. NC State without a bucket since the 10:41 mark.
Brandon Mellor: Guards are looking good out there. Ward is running the point. Freshour has 7 points already. Ward has 3.

Jacob (Bloomington, IN): Is there a gametracker for this game?
Brandon Mellor: No gametracker unfortunately.

Scoop (Tallahassee, FL): How has Bravard’s toughness been during the 1st half?
Brandon Mellor: I think she is still getting her bearings out there. She’s been beaten to a few rebounds and was blocked once. She’s going up against a girl that is her same size – something she hasn’t seen yet in college.

Scoop (Tallahassee, FL): I heard we were wearing our black jerseys tonight. Any truth to that?
Brandon Mellor: That’s the truth. FSU is in all black.
Brandon Mellor: Harvin in some foul trouble with 3 fouls and 4 minutes still remaining in the first half.

Jacob (Bloomington, IN): Did they throw away the garnet uniforms? ha.
Brandon Mellor: The players and coaches love those black unis.
Brandon Mellor: Timeout. FSU 27 NCSU 17. 3:47 left in the first.

Jacob (Bloomington, IN): Yah. they are pretty cool looking.
Brandon Mellor: NC State is on a 12-6 run.

Scoop (Tallahassee, FL): What’s up with the foul trouble right now?
Brandon Mellor: Couple of players have one but it’s Harvin with the most trouble. She has 3.
Brandon Mellor: Halftime here at Reynolds Coliseum. Seminoles lead 31-24. Freshour leads FSU with 7 points.
Ryan Pensy: They are not calling much here tonight, Seminoles have been to the free throw line just once, NC State has been six times.

Jacob (Bloomington, IN): how many boards and assists does freshour have?
Ryan Pensy: Fresh has 7pts, 3rbs, 2 assists in 18 mins

Josh (Tallahassee): Noles also have an RPI in the top 25 so if they just continue to win games they are suppose to win, they will be fine in terms of making the NCAA tourney. A win against NC State would help in a big way!

Go Noles!

Ryan Pensy: Some other ACC games to keep an eye on tonight – Wake leads BC 21-20 at the half and Maryland leads Clemson 35-26 at the half.
Brandon Mellor: First half points for the Seminoles: Freshour 7, Harvin 6, Davis-Cain 5, Monroe 4, Ward 3, Bravard 6.

Scoop (Tallahassee, FL): Davis-Cain having an off night so far?
Brandon Mellor: She is. And she just picked up her third foul.
Brandon Mellor: First timeout of the second half: FSU 41 NCSU 27.
Ryan Pensy: Florida State has held NC State to just one FG in the 2nd half.
Brandon Mellor: Seminoles have come out in the second half with a renewed intensity as they are beating NC State to most loose balls and rebounds.

Nick (Tallahassee): Ryan, you mentioned early that Tanae Davis-Cain hit her first show and that was a good sign. Has she followed throug? Also, after starting 3-4 3pt shooting, how have they done since?
Brandon Mellor: Davis-Cain just drilled a 3 to put FSU on top 45-31 so that will definitely help her confidence.
Ryan Pensy: TDC has been in foul trouble for the better part of this game but the last 3 she nailed at the 12:00 mark gives her 8 pts on the game. Also Jacinta Monroe is now 2 points shy of a double double

Nick (Tallahassee): What’s the word on Kay Yow? Did she step down for the season? Or for good? That just doesn’t sound good.
Brandon Mellor: She has stepped down for the season.
Brandon Mellor: timeout: FSU 49 NCSU 36 with 7:43 left in the game.
Brandon Mellor: Seminoles on a 7-0 run since the timeout with 5 mins
Brandon Mellor: timeout: FSU 58 NCSU 41 with just under 4 to play.

Josh (Tallahassee): Great game by the Noles thus far! I can see 15-4 (3-0 in conference) right around the corner. Let’s get ready for the BIG game against Georgia Tech in Tallahassee on Sunday!
Brandon Mellor: timeout: 58-44 with 2:06 left.
Brandon Mellor: FSU leads
Ryan Pensy: Late rally by NC State just a 6 pt lead for FSU 62-56
Ryan Pensy: 7.4 seconds left Seminoles lead 62-56
Ryan Pensy: Final – Florida State 64, NC State 59
Ryan Pensy: Jacinta Monroe 14pts, 15rbs
Ryan Pensy: Courtney Ward – 12pts, 5rbs
Ryan Pensy: Mara Freshour – 11pts, 7rbs
Ryan Pensy: TDC – 10pts

Josh (Tallahassee): Thanks for the coverage. Go Noles… and I’ll be in the stands on Sunday supporting the Lady Noles!
Ryan Pensy: Make sure to pack the Tucker Center on Sunday at 6pm as the Noles host the Yellow Jackets in what should be a great game. Tip time is 6pm.

Carl (Orlando): What a great streak of 6 wins! A win at home over Ga Tech – and I’m sure we will be ranked! Congrats to the team and Coach Sue!
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