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Women’s Basketball Visits The Grand Canyon During Christmas Break

Jan. 5, 2003

GRAND CANYON, Ariz. — The Florida State women’s basketball team enjoyed a successful fall semester, both academically with a 3.0 team grade point average, and athletically with a 7-2 record heading into the Christmas break.

The Seminoles, while in Flagstaff, Arizona to play Northern Arizona, had an opportunity to learn about a different part of the country when the team took a visit to the Grand Canyon, one of more than 380 parks in the National Park System.

“My favorite part was seeing the Canyon and seeing a snowstorm, because I’ve never been in a snowstorm before,” freshman Francine Houston, a Bradenton, Fla., native said. “I’m excited because basketball gives me an opportunity to get an education and it gives me an opportunity to see the world.”

Perhaps no landscape on Earth is as surprising to the observer as the vast yet intricate face of the Grand Canyon. Over several million years, the Colorado River has carved an immense chasm through the arid land. The layers of rock exposed in the canyon walls provide snapshots of the geological events that shaped the American Southwest.

“It was great,” sophomore Linnea Liljestrand, who hails from Stockholm, Sweden, said. “I had seen pictures of it on television, but it was so wild to see it in person. It is so big. I couldn’t have ever imagined how big it is.”

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