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You Oughta Know: Cheetah Delgado

Junior point guard Yashira “Cheetah” Delgado returned to her home state after a year at Arkansas to star for Hillsborough Community College in Plant City, Fla., last season. After leading the National Junior College Athletic Association in assists in 2011-12, Delgado is back in the NCAA Division I ranks with the Seminoles. The Kissimmee, Fla., native will look to provide the Garnet and Gold with the kind of play that leads to quadruple-doubles – a feat she accomplished last November.

On how she first got her nickname, Cheetah:

“When I first started playing basketball… I guess because of my quickness.”

On why she chose Florida State:

“I heard it was a great program. I thought I would fit in well, and it’s close to home.”

On the quadruple double she had last year at Hillsborough Community College:

“It was a great feeling. I actually didn’t know I had a quadruple double until a couple of seconds were left in the game. My coach pulled me aside and told me. It felt great. We celebrated. I knew it was possible.

On what she plans on majoring in at Florida State:

“I’m undecided. I kind of want to do something with kids. I’m not sure yet.”

On her favorite part of basketball:

“The excitement. The hype. The atmosphere. I love the game.”

On her strengths as a point guard:

“I believe my strengths as a point guard are my court vision and my ability to pass the ball.”

On who she looked up to on and off the court growing up:

“I always looked up to my mom and did things for her. I knew she wanted me to go far in basketball. I do it for her.”

On her favorite point guard:

“(LA Clipper) Chris Paul. I believe he is a true point guard. I love to watch him play.”

On when she knew she could play big time college basketball:

“Growing up, I always heard it. Kind of around my high school years people started telling me that they thought I’d go somewhere. I always believed it.”

On what she enjoys doing off the court:

“I enjoy playing other sports. I like playing volleyball and softball, and going bowling. My senior year, I played softball. It went well. I had always wanted to play it in high school. Because of basketball, I was never able to. I started in the outfield, but then came to the infield and played shortstop and third base.”

On what she watches on television:

“ESPN. Basketball.”

On her favorite food:

“My favorite food is Hispanic food, but I don’t have a specific favorite.”

On her heritage:

“I’m Puerto Rican and born in Florida. My parents are both Puerto Rican and my dad was born in New York.”

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