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10 (or more) Questions With…Luke Tucker

April 26, 2006

By Chuck Walsh
Associate Sports Information Director

Seminole ace closer Luke Tucker was just named to the mid-season watch list for the NCBWA Stopper of the Year Award. The junior from Niceville, FL has eight saves this season and an opponent batting average of just .127. He sat down to recently answer some questions for us at Seminoles.com.

1) What were the deciding factors in your choice to come to Florida State?

I have been a Seminole fan my entire life and I have dreamed about wearing a Seminole uniform since I can remember.


2) Have you always been a relief pitcher – when did you become a relief pitcher?

No. I had been a starting pitcher during my career up until last year.  I started to have shoulder problems last season so I was moved to the pen for a while. When I moved back into the starting rotation, I wouldn’t last for more than three or four innings. So I became a closer last year and this is my first year starting from the pen. So far it has started out well.


3)  What is your mindset when you come into a game and are called upon to save a game?

The pressure is tough but you have to learn to pitch with the pressure.  I have to go out on the mound of the throw the ball where the pitch is called.


4) Is it easier for you to come into the game at the beginning of an inning or during an inning?

Both situations have their advantages and disadvantages. Coming in with nobody out and runners on really forces you to be on your game from the get go. Coming in with nobody on and nobody out in the beginning of the inning, you still have to have that killer mentality because there is no room for error. There really isn’t much difference.


5) Would you rather come into a game to face a batter with no count or one who already has a count on him?  Is there a different mindset you have to have when a batter already has a count on him?

I don’t really know if I have ever come into a game with that situation except one time. I came in when there were already balls and strikes on a hitter. In that case nothing really changes. It’s the same.


6) Who is your favorite major league player and why?

Roger Clemens is my favorite major league player because he is so tough and he is so good. I like the way he pitches. He is a power pitcher that goes out there and dominates.


7) Which is your favorite major league team and why?

My favorite team is the Atlanta Braves.  I grew up liking them and my brother was a huge fan so I took after him. In the end I developed a liking of my own.


8) Who is the Seminoles’ team jokester – who plays the best pranks?

Chuck (Charles Cleveland), Danny Diaz and Brian Chambers. Pretty much everybody on the team is funny.



9) What is your most memorable baseball moment?

My most memorable baseball moment is playing in the state playoffs my junior year of high school


10) What’s the most recent movie you have seen and how would you rate it?

The last movie I saw was V for Vendetta. I liked it because it was an intellectual movie that made you think while you were watching it.  It was pretty good movie.


11) What is your most favorite television show?

             Seinfeld or the Simpsons.


12) What is your favorite sport other than baseball?

I really like football though I have never played the sport.  I really enjoy watching college football and I am a huge fan especially of the Seminoles’ football team.




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