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10 Questions With Senior Matt DiBlasi

April 19, 2006

By Ben Murphy

FSU Sports Information


         Coming into this year as one of four seniors on the team, have you settled into more of a leadership role?  Do you give much advice to the young guys?

I feel like that’s my job being a fourth year senior.  I know when I was a freshman I looked to the older guys for help on and off the field, so I feel like it’s my job to do the same this year.


         You guys are off to a magnificent start so far this year.  What do you believe has been the biggest reason for that?

I have to say a lot of it has to do with the way the new guys have come in and gelled with the returning players.  Buster Posey has filled in for us at shortstop tremendously and we’ve had some key additions to the pitching staff as well with Jimmy Marshall and Luke Tucker to name a couple.


         You guys still have a rather young team, but the pitching staff this year is full of experience.  What do you think about the pitching and how has it affected your team’s success this season?

I think it’s been key.  Our starting pitchers have done a great job.  You can’t say enough about Tyler Chambliss and Bryan Henry and the job they’ve done taking the ball into the seventh and eighth innings which has helped our jobs easier as relievers.  When our relievers do come in they’ve basically done everything that’s been asked of them and then we just try and get the ball in the hands of Luke Tucker to let him do his thing.


         It is already known that you are one of the team’s reliable set up men, but was there anything in particular that you worked on in the off-season to improve your game and get ready for this year?

I just tried to stay sharp.  I didn’t play anywhere, but I tried to get myself in better condition and did a lot of running.  I basically used the end of last season as my motivation.  We didn’t finish the season as we had hoped and whenever I got tired and didn’t feel like doing anything I just thought about the gators and how they got to go to Omaha and how much I want to get there this year.


         What is your pre-game routine?  Do you do anything for good luck?

I try to relax, but I do everything from how I get dressed to little things I do before games for example what I eat, how I eat it.  There are so many things. 


         What are some things that you miss out on because baseball takes that time away?

I think maybe the social aspect of college.  Getting to meet people outside of baseball is one major thing we as baseball players miss out on.  My best friends are all on the team, which is fine and I love them, but we really don’t have as much time to go out and get to know new people and maybe enjoy the college life a little bit more.


         What are some of your favorite things to do outside of baseball?

I like to play video games with the guys.  I like to golf.  When I’m at home, I really enjoy golfing with my dad and just relaxing.


         What are your personal goals for this season?

I’d say our team goal is nothing short of getting to Omaha.  I think it’s about time we put it together.  It’s been a while since we’ve been out there and I think this is a team that gives us a pretty good chance.


         What is your greatest baseball memory from playing here at Florida State?

I’d have to say winning the ACC Championship my sophomore year.  We were supposedly underdogs, but we came through and beat some pretty tough competition and that’s probably one of the more special teams’ that I’ve been on.


         After this year, what are your plans?  Do you want to pursue a career in baseball or try other things?

Whatever happens with baseball happens.  I realize I may have tapped out on my baseball career, but I have a semester left of school and after I finish up I want to head out into the real world and get a job.



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